Saturday, July 6, 2013

WEDDING SERIES: When someone made me realize

I was busy at work yesterday and usually my Facebook is open the whole time while i'm at work to communicate with my coordinator. When i received a message from a long lost friend. I felt like he wanted to talk about something and wants me to listen. So since I am not doing anything at all and was a bit bored at that time I did listen and chat with him. 
He said he was so sad and devastated about a failed relationship, that I can't blame him though he made that final choice. This time he was on that stage where he was trying to convince himself that he did everything for love, however he still put an end to the relationship and still feels incomplete and want to win her back but don't want to risk and do anything at all. I'd been through the same situation where I am so crazy in love with a person that I am not even thinking if its still healthy or not all i was thinking about was that I can't live without him. When we ended it I got crazy and worked almost 24 hours a day and got drunk and did crazy stuff and left the country.
The thing is...Things happen in our lives because it's our choice. Everyday is a chance, it only depends on the choices that we made, on what will happen after. If we did made a choice then, consequences will appear after that, it usually comes along most of the time. And that we have to accept, good or bad! because no one chose it for us it's us who made that choice not someone so we can't blame anyone if the choice we made hurts us. When I ended it up... I absolutely said it was over. That I'm done and i don't deserved it anymore. Then If that's the same feeling that you feel, then that's the end! But if you said that and deep inside you it wasn't still over then.... it won't be over no matter what you do.
I can say in a relationship you will go through a lot of trials and you need to make a lot of choices and very hard decision. 
I'd been through a rough time before meeting Christian and he was someone I never expected to arrive in my life. He love me in a way I can never describe. He care for me in a way no one did. He value me so much and it's... unexpected.
The conversation yesterday made me realize how Christian affects my life. How he helped me picking up all those pieces that was shattered. With his love and care and affection I made it through. 
I can't explain the feeling when i wake up every morning from his kiss. When everyday he says he missed me and he loves me.
I'm not saying that my relationship with Christian is perfect. We also collide most of the time but we try to patch things up asap. Because we both know that we need to work things out together. We'd been through a lot of trials as well.
I hold on.. and he holds on too... that only matters and that's why were still together and now preparing for our wedding!
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