Friday, July 19, 2013


Essie nail polish is my most loved of all! so when I do my nails on a salon and saw some interesting color I can't resist but buy. I don't do well when it comes to nail polish application like seriously I prefer someone doing my nails than me because It will end up with cuts and wounds.  
This spring and summer I had been a huge fan of pastel nail colors because it look so young and fresh and very girly though neon are so in this year I just don't like neons at all or let's just say I prefer pastel than neons. I didn't saw this color before we started with my nails but when i was about to pay i saw this on their shelf so i grab one to try. When the nail polish on my hands start chipping i replaced it with this color.
It's a periwinkle blue color, very very pretty. It has a silver sparkle but almost unrecognizable on your nails but if you look at it on the bottle you can see it. This nail color is part of  essie's summer 2012 collection, so maybe some of you already know this.

I find that the formulation was a bit hard to work with because it sometimes leave uneven application when you're dragging it and trying to spread the color on your nails. You need to work a little bit more. You can do a 3 coat application because 2 is still a bit patchy. I love the color that I wanted it to work out. This nail polish cost 45dhs at Nail Art in Al Whada Mall so if you're looking for Essie nail polish you can grab it there. 

Application : 5
Color : 9
Value : 7

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