Thursday, April 13, 2017


Long time no blog!

As an update here is a Vlog that my sister and I did (more like my sister).
Due to some issues that I needed to resolve, Me and my husband travelled to Philippines to sort it out.  Unfortunately few days before our flight I received a news from my cousin that our Grandmother died (my father's mom). It was such a shock and such a saddening news but that's life is. We will never know when or until when will God give us the time to live. 

So we arrived in Manila at 4:00 in the afternoon and rest for few hours and we left our place 11:00 in the evening and drove up to north for almost 10 hrs. I know such a long drive right? We just stayed there for a night in a beautiful resort called Playa Tropical which is just a few kilometers away from our house in Ilocos where my grandmother is. We paid our respect to my grandmother and gave some support to my father and our relatives. It was a very sad visit I can say but on the other hand seeing our relatives specially my cousins was also a good thing because I haven't seen them for maybe 10 years already or maybe more than that.

I love Ilocos Norte! of course that's our province but also it's a very special place for me and holds a lot of memories growing up and also the people are just warm and lovely and kind and welcoming. It will "always" be a place so dear to me even if I don't visit Ilocos more often than I should I will always come back to that place.

After our visit to my Grandmother the second day we travelled back to Manila and left Ilocos at 5:30 in the afternoon. Leaving my father in that state where he needed our support was such heartbreaking for me but I had some appointments and errands the next day that I needed to finish before flying back to UAE. We just stayed in Manila for a week and almost everyday was a busy day. Always so glad that one of my sister accompany us. 

So... yeah, that's how our short stay in Manila ended and we took some vlogs here and there so 
E N J O Y !!!

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