Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hi everyone!

For the longest time, I finally got the chance to visit MAC and check out some of their new products. Actually the purpose of going to the mall is to enroll my husband to a newly opened Gym called Gold's Gym in Al Whada Mall and since I don't want to check the vicinity with him I just decided to go and visit some shops. I went to MAC Store since it's the nearest.

So when I arrived at MAC I decided to just purchase some basic eye shadows that I needed which is Wedge, Charcoal Brown, Quarry and Concrete and because I'm quite lucky that day so I ended up not buying them because all of them are out of stock. Then I decided to just check out some of their new products and saw that they already released the new foundation called MINERALIZED MOISTURE SPF15 FOUNDATION. I wanted to try this foundation after MAC released it in US months and months ago and of course it took months before the final release here in UAE but finally the long wait is over and it's here and I'm excited to give this a shot. This foundation is actually the replacement for the MINERALIZED SKIN FINISH FOUNDATION which I absolutely hate because of it's consistency, smell and the finish it gives and by the way it's the first foundation I had from MAC, first liquid foundation I had, I should say. My hopes for this foundation is high. So don't fail me you...moisture foundation! I will most probably do a full review of this foundation soon. So just wait for that.

I decided then to check the Lip Glass section which I skip most of my visits to MAC because I'm a lipstick kinda gal though I use Lipgloss but not everyday let's say.... whenever I feel like I want to. So I was this Pro long wear Lipglass and was kinda intrigue about it so I swatched some colors and decided to try just one so if I end up not liking it, I won't be wasting money. So after few swatches I ended up buying the shade called "Show me" which is a mid-tone neutral plum color. I will let you know my findings about this Lipglass if it's a long wearing lipglass or not because it claims to last for 6 hours before re-applying. So let's see.

Then my next stop was of course the Lipstick. I was hoping to buy a shade called Pattiserie and Creme Cup but it's not available so again I just swatch some shades and came across to this shade called "Crosswires" and you know that feeling when you tried it you know you'll love it. That's what happen so I bought it. It's a Cremesheen so that's a plus for me because I love Cremesheen and the color was a pinky orange but more on the orangey side. I don't actually know but I'm loving orange lipsticks right now. I think it really suits my complexion.

Then the last stop was the limited editions. I was drawn to the collection called Art of the Eye because of this purplish blue sparkly eye shadow called "Banafsaji". After my love at first sight to this color I grabbed it and I swatch it and then absolutely I fell in love with it. I decided to bring him home and be with me for the rest of his life. I love it more than my favorite contrast eyeshadow, PERIOD. No more explanation.

So that's my unlucky end up being lucky haul from MAC. 

Hope you guys have a great day :)

Monday, August 19, 2013


Hi Guys!

I started doing a series of my most love products, I actually started it last month which is the MAC STUDIO CAREBLEND and I will be posting each month 1 product that I truly..truly love and been using for years or months, products that I highly recommend. 

So for this month my Most love product is.....

When i started using make up my first foundation was the MAC Studio tech which is a very thick cream foundation I used it for years then when I got tired of using it, I decided to try the liquid foundation from MAC so the girl from the counter recommended to me the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Foundation which is very very disappointing and a waste because after 3 hours it seriously melts on my face because of my oily skin and mixed with the humidity..it just didn't work for me at all. So I did a research of what type will best suit my oily skin and also because I really wanted to try a liquid foundation then I discovered the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation which reviews says that it's good for oily skin..so I went to MAC again and decided to purchase this foundation and that's where our relationship started. 

I was so impressed to it on my first application. It's a natural matte foundation, and I love matte finish foundation most of the time but during winter I love dewy finished foundation but I do own few foundation that dries matte. It's also medium to full coverage but for everyday look I just used a small amount and blend it on my face and even for small amount it evens out your skin perfectly. The only time I do full coverage foundation is whenever I needed to be flawless like I needed to be photographed or during events and also because it holds up for hours on my skin. It also has an SPF 15 which is a plus for me because I hate applying Sunscreen on my face. So any makeup with SPF is a plus for me. It doesn't oxidize on my skin like most of foundation do. With my very yellow skin tone MAC NC matches my skin tone perfectly some other people complains that MAC foundation was too yellowy for them but for me it's perfect.

It has been loved by so many most specially those people who have oily skin. I had been using this foundation seriously for almost 4 years now that's how I love this foundation. Whenever I need my face to look so polished and great I use this. When we shoot our Engagement pictures I did my makeup and I use this, on our Civil Wedding day I also use this as well. Basically, any important occasion this is the only foundation I grab. This is how much I trust this foundation.

The only downside for this foundation is the smell it has this paint smell that if you're not used to it you might not like it but since it gives me what I want I don't care about the smell anymore plus I'm used to it. It also doesn't come with a pump you have to buy the pump separately.

If you're oily skin and looking for a foundation that will work for you and can hold up for a long time give this a try and lemme know what you think about it.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Last June I shared about the first part of my Real Techniques brushes and today I will be sharing with you the Part 2 of my Real techniques brushes which consist of Individual Brushes like:

Powder Brush
 Expert Face Brush
 Shading Brush
Stippling Brush
Blush Brush

 (LtoR : Shading brush, Expert face Brush, Stippling Brush, Blush Brush, Powder Brush)

Drugstore.com is on sale when I purchased this brushes so some of them are discounted but I also include the retail prices as well.

Let's start with the Powder Brush. It's the biggest brush ever! It's also unbelievably soft. This is why Real techniques amaze me the bristles of their brushes are so soft. Comparing it to my Sigma F20 Large Powder brush I would prefer the Real technique's because of it's softness. You know the feeling of scratchy bristles on your face when using some brushes? you will never feel on this Powder Brush. Even a friend of mine who visited us once and saw my brushes and she played with my brushes and she said it's a very soft  brush that cradle her to sleep. The handle are still designed the way as other brushes do and the handle is yellow since it's grouped on the "The Base" brushes. I bought it for USD 5.00 with discount. But it retails for USD 10.00. I really recommend this brushes. If you want to try Real techniques you better get your hands on this.

Expert Face Brush. This is the brush that I really wanted to try from Real Techniques that's why I bought 2 of them. I love my Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki brush and that's the only foundation brush I used for applying my foundation so I'm a bit skeptical to try this maybe I will not like it or not but then when I actually try it. It really works great. It applies my foundation very well with out living streaks. My only concern about this one is that it's small for my big face so it requires more time for application and blending but I still love using it. I already used it for my liquid and powder foundation and both of them works well. I bought this for USD4.50 but the retail price is USD 8.99.

Shading Brush. This brush is grouped on the "Your Eyes" brushes so the handle are purple. I can say that this is the perfect size of shading brush for me, for my eyelids. I used it for packing colors on my lids if I want to build the colors and show up more. It's also nice when you do smokey look and smudge some colors on your lower lids. However I don't grab it much compared to my other real techniques brush. I don't know why. Though I used it for smokey look but for everyday I don't. I bought it for USD 3.00 and retails for USD 5.99.

Stippling Brush. This brush is grouped on the "Your Finish" that's why the handle is pink. I tried this for applying highlighter on the top of my cheeks and it works really well. I also tried using it with a tinted moisturizer and a MAC face and body foundation and it also works great. However again for my big face I't was quite a bit challenge for me when it comes to application and blending. But I think if you have a small framed face this will work for you. I bought it for its retail price of  USD9.99.

And lastly the Blush Brush!!!! This brush is AMAZING!!! like the Powder brush it's one of the softest brush Real techniques have. I love playing with it and just love sweeping it around my face. Hands down perfect blush brush. It applies great packs the product so well and blends the product perfectly. One of the brushes I recommend getting. I sometimes use it also for applying bronzer on my face and still works great. I bought this for it's original retail price of USD8.99.

Hope you find it interesting and helpful. If you want to try this brushes check out Drugstore.com or the Real techniques website.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Another month has passed meaning it's time for my monthly favorites!!!
I had been exploring "a lot" this month when it comes to my make up collection. Maybe because I have a lot of time to sit down and do my makeup everyday rather than the usual where I kept an everyday look for like 3 months and the only thing will change is my lipstick. So this month the digging was fun and I rediscovered some products that I love.

I had been in love with this product for a very long time, I think this is one of those first few products I purchased from MAC. Since on my previous blogs I told you that I had been so obsessed in searching for a replacement for my favorite eyebrow pencil which is Define a brow from Maybelline and still not finding the something to replace it luckily during my digging I found this and I was so glad I did. So for now I have a good replacement for my Define a brow. Downside of this product is it's price, I consume eyebrow pencils so fast...meaning I have to repurchased high end eyebrow pencil until I find a more reliable brand with a reliable price that even if I consume 1 or 2 every month it will not hurt my wallet.
Continuing with the digging. This is also one of the first 2 eye shadows I purchased from MAC. The other one was the Print which my sister borrowed from me for a few months and because she likes it so much I ended up giving it to her. Naked Lunch was one of the MAC's best seller eye shadows and it's because it's an easy wear like literally you can swept it all over your lid and just put tons of mascara and you're good to go. It's just do nice. For me it's a peachy pink frost color but on MAC they described it as a Minimal pink with shimmer. Seriously guys you have to try this product.

For the new products I had been trying this month was this concealer and I liked it. I purchased this last month just because the lady in the Maybelline counter was just so nice and she made me buy this and it was a good buy I can say. It's like the MAC Moisture Cover concealer when it comes to texture but for me I think it's a bit creamier than the moisture cover because I can get more coverage with this product than the Moisture cover and sometimes I just use this whenever I have a good skin day or I need to do some errands after working out on the gym.

I had been so eager to try Real Techniques brushes for a long time and this was one of those brushes that I really wanted to try on that line. All I can say is that.. this is amazing! Real techniques brushes are amazing and softest brushes ever! This particular brush I use it everyday and this was like my favorite brush now for concealer application It gives even application compared to my Sigma P86 brush.


This is my go to Nail polish for this month. I just love the fresh color that it gives and I did blog about this if you want to see application and details about this nail polish click here. It just makes me feel happy whenever I wear this. I was sick and in bed a week ago and I was feeling so ill and just wanted to do something for myself and I just painted my nails with this color and it just made me feel so happy even if I can't swallow food and talk at that time and all I can do is cry. Sometimes a very small thing can make you're day better.

Since I had been trying out different makeup looks for this month I always pair it with this lipstick and I can't explain why, I just love the pink tone in it. It's like so soft and there is something in pink that I love this month. Usually I love nude peach color but now I kept on grabbing nude pink lipsticks and this is one of them. This was also my recent buy from Revlon and I'm liking Revlon lipsticks more because of the few good buys I had with them recently. Way to go Revlon!

This Lipstick is my go to dark lipstick for this month like if I have minimal make up and all I can do is rock a lip, this is the one I go for. I'm enjoying plums since I discovered it from a Youtuber, Sammi or Beautycrush. I'm often on the safe side colors like nude, pink, and reds but now I had been trying corals, orange and plums which is great for me... I think... because I'm discovering more products and colors that I normally won't go for and will be surprised that this or that color fits me well, so it was fun trying things outside your usual stuff.

This product is also included on my Summer favorites. I just love this product so much and i will kept on repurchasing this product till Body Shop discontinue it like my Japanese Cherry Blossoms Body Butter. The smell is so yummy and it just suit summer so well. My husband also likes the smell of this and actually he's the one who chose this scent because I was so stubborn to chose a scent after knowing that they don't have my Japanese Cherry Blossoms anymore.

I had been drinking a lot of teas for the past 2 months and because I was trying to lessen my coffee intake I had been trying to enjoy more of the teas and so far I haven't drank tea for 3 weeks now which is so great for me and I give myself a pat on the shoulder for that. The Peach mango and the Blue fruits was my favorite of all because it just smell so good and I feel like I'm drinking a juice more than a tea. I never even though I will be enjoying tea this much because I never loved tea aside from the sweet tea which is a tea as well and it doesn't make any sense now. Well, what I'm saying is I don't like the hot teas :)

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