Monday, August 12, 2013


Last June I shared about the first part of my Real Techniques brushes and today I will be sharing with you the Part 2 of my Real techniques brushes which consist of Individual Brushes like:

Powder Brush
 Expert Face Brush
 Shading Brush
Stippling Brush
Blush Brush

 (LtoR : Shading brush, Expert face Brush, Stippling Brush, Blush Brush, Powder Brush) is on sale when I purchased this brushes so some of them are discounted but I also include the retail prices as well.

Let's start with the Powder Brush. It's the biggest brush ever! It's also unbelievably soft. This is why Real techniques amaze me the bristles of their brushes are so soft. Comparing it to my Sigma F20 Large Powder brush I would prefer the Real technique's because of it's softness. You know the feeling of scratchy bristles on your face when using some brushes? you will never feel on this Powder Brush. Even a friend of mine who visited us once and saw my brushes and she played with my brushes and she said it's a very soft  brush that cradle her to sleep. The handle are still designed the way as other brushes do and the handle is yellow since it's grouped on the "The Base" brushes. I bought it for USD 5.00 with discount. But it retails for USD 10.00. I really recommend this brushes. If you want to try Real techniques you better get your hands on this.

Expert Face Brush. This is the brush that I really wanted to try from Real Techniques that's why I bought 2 of them. I love my Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki brush and that's the only foundation brush I used for applying my foundation so I'm a bit skeptical to try this maybe I will not like it or not but then when I actually try it. It really works great. It applies my foundation very well with out living streaks. My only concern about this one is that it's small for my big face so it requires more time for application and blending but I still love using it. I already used it for my liquid and powder foundation and both of them works well. I bought this for USD4.50 but the retail price is USD 8.99.

Shading Brush. This brush is grouped on the "Your Eyes" brushes so the handle are purple. I can say that this is the perfect size of shading brush for me, for my eyelids. I used it for packing colors on my lids if I want to build the colors and show up more. It's also nice when you do smokey look and smudge some colors on your lower lids. However I don't grab it much compared to my other real techniques brush. I don't know why. Though I used it for smokey look but for everyday I don't. I bought it for USD 3.00 and retails for USD 5.99.

Stippling Brush. This brush is grouped on the "Your Finish" that's why the handle is pink. I tried this for applying highlighter on the top of my cheeks and it works really well. I also tried using it with a tinted moisturizer and a MAC face and body foundation and it also works great. However again for my big face I't was quite a bit challenge for me when it comes to application and blending. But I think if you have a small framed face this will work for you. I bought it for its retail price of  USD9.99.

And lastly the Blush Brush!!!! This brush is AMAZING!!! like the Powder brush it's one of the softest brush Real techniques have. I love playing with it and just love sweeping it around my face. Hands down perfect blush brush. It applies great packs the product so well and blends the product perfectly. One of the brushes I recommend getting. I sometimes use it also for applying bronzer on my face and still works great. I bought this for it's original retail price of USD8.99.

Hope you find it interesting and helpful. If you want to try this brushes check out or the Real techniques website.

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