Monday, November 18, 2013


Hello everyone! 
I'm back for my monthly favorites. As you have notice I skipped last month's favorites basically because I was so busy with the moving and most of my things are still packed on the boxes. So the things I used last August are still the same things I used last month. So without further rumbling here is my October favorites!

1. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation - This foundation I got from my August Glambox and since then I had been using it everyday and I will buy this once I emptied the sample. The finish is so lovely and very smooth it makes you're skin looks so awake and bright because it has a light diffusing properties. It's just so amazing! I'm impressed from the very first time i tried this and I'm still impressed everytime I applied it. 
2. Burts Bee Lipbalm in Mango - I discovered this lipbalm during our
trip in Hong Kong and from then on I haven't used any other lipbalm aside from this one. My father even sent me a pack of the lipbalm that I think will last me for a long time since this brand is not available in UAE. I already emptied my Grapefruit and now this is the one I'm using. Keep's my lips hydrated all the time.

3. Nars Laguna Bronzer - I had been in love with this bronzer before and when I discovered my NYC bonzer I forgot about this. Then when I was arranging all my makeup on my drawer I saw this and started using it again and then I realized why I love this bronzer. It just gives you enough color to your face and just frames your face so well without looking too much. Bronzer was a genius product but bit tricky to use (in my opinion) specially if you haven't tried it before, you might get the wrong shade and will make you look like an oompa so better check with a consultant first before buying one. I think I can skip blush but not bronzer.

4. Maybelline Color tatoo in Tough as Taupe - If you haven't tied color tatoo you have to try it! It's a great product that will change you're eye makeup routine for sure! This products makes you're eye make up stay all day. It comes on a different color that for sure will match what eye make up you want. Right now im into this shade sometimes I use it alone or if I have some more time I put some shadows on top of it.

5. MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Earthy - This eyeshadow perfectly matched the Tough as Taupe so this comes along with it. Unfortunately this was broke during the moving so it was so painful because I love this color and I have to use it before everything turns out into a powder now.

6. Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara - This was just a free item I got when I purchased some lipsticks in Rimmel. At first I though this is not good because the formula was a bit dry compared to my usual mascara. However my lashes was so long and was sot clumpy at all when I use it. I was now thinking that a drier formula is better than a wet formula. Hmmm... but this is an item that i will repurchase for sure even if this is just free.

7. Essie nail polish in Glamour purse - This is my all time autumn/winter kind of color. Last year all throughout winter I use this nail polish. I started using it after my birthday, one morning as I let my dog out I started to feel chilly and I said it's time for Glamour purse so that weekend I went to my nail salon and ask them for the Glamour Purse.

8. MAC Lipstick in Blankety - I'm in the mood for some nude lipstick this month and I pull this out from my drawer and just started wearing it again. This was disgustingly melted because I left it in my car while picking up some letters from the post office. Nevertheless it's still a good nude lipstick and one of my all time favorite shade from MAC.

Non Beauty Favorites

1.  Yankee candles in Blissful Autumn  - I had been enjoying this scent a lot specially at night when i'm ready for bed. It's just so relaxing. I'm bad explaining about  scents but this definitely smells like spices. And I love spicy scents during winter time because it smells like Christmas and it brings happiness to my heart.

2. Pink Ablum The truth about Love - I had been playing this over and over again. Whenever I clean the house I listen to this turning the volume up and also while I'm driving. Her music was phenomenal who doesn't like Pink anyways! But this is the best album she released, by far.

3. Grace Helbig - She's a youtuber also known as Daily Grace she's very funny and very entertaining. My husband likes her so much that he call her "bayiiiieeee" which she always say when she's ending her videos. She's very pretty and with a humor like that who will never like her! Check her out, she's uploading videos everyday! prepare to laugh!

4. Dragonvale - My favorite app for this month was this dragon! A friend of mine who will not be named as Rodel was so into this game that I was so intrigued and now I'm addicted. That it can make me stay late and woke up early just to see what egg I got from breeding 2 dragons. Switching to dragonvale and Youtube was nice!

Hope you guys have a lovely day and check Daily Grace so you can laugh with me!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Me and my Husband are going for a short trip to our favorite getaway place this weekend, which is at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. We're not taking a whole week because we're also travelling to Philippines on December so we need to save our remaining leave for that. Whenever we feel like we need a break and we need to be away from the city we always go to Hilton to unwind and relax. This plan was actually for the Eid holiday but since we moved in to a new place it was cancelled and we decided to just move it till our Anniversary. So now we're travelling and I'm so excited because I need a break after a busy month at the house I need time to relax and enjoy the weather.

Whenever we go for a trip I always change everything on my makeup bag because I don't need all of them or I need a different one like foundation I need a lighter foundation or tinted moisturizer and blusher and lipgloss and since we're going to a beach I will be needing a lighter and easy makeup more like a no make up look type. So now I'll share with you some things I will bring with me for this trip.

1. Smash box Primer Light in Travel Sized - to stop the oiliness on my face and for a smoother application of my foundation 
2. MAC Face and Body Foundation - Usually my go to for beach is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer but I think this will look good on pictures specially during our dinner. A very light foundation will look more seamless than the full coverage foundation.
3. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Powder - to seal my foundation in place.
4. Real Technique Powder blush
5. Nars Laguna Bronzer Travel size - to bronze up my look
6. Real technique Multi task Brush
7. Sleek Blusher in Lace - for a plush of  color on my cheeks
8. Sigma F40 angled brush

9. Missha eyebrow kit - for defining my brows
10. MAC Eyebrow pencil in Spiked 
11. Lorac Pro Palette - for choices of neutral colors
12. Urban Decay Shader brush
13. Sigma E40 Blending Brush
14. Sigma E30 Pencil brush
15. Benefit They're real Mascara Travel size 
16. Buorjois Smokey Effect Pencil in Smoked Brown
17. Urban decay liquid eyeliner in Perversion
18. Victoria secret eyelash curler
19. Maybelline Fitme concealer
20. Urban decay primer potion

21. MAC lipstick in Shanghai Spice and Cremecup -Nude lip is a must for a natural look
22. MAC Subculture lipliner
23. Nyx lipgloss in Beige
24. Bourjois Colour boost lip crayon in Peach on the Beach
25.. Small brush from Body Shop
26. Burts bees lipbalm in Mango
27. Maybelline Baby lips 
28. Pony tails and bobby pins
29. Travel O with Lancome Miracle

Along with it I'm traveling with some of  my skincare and hair products

1. Foreo Luna Mini- for deep cleaning
2. Lush shampoo in Rehab
3. Lush soap in Sea Vegetable
4. Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief Lotion - perfect after staying under the sun for a long time
5. 3 steps Clinique in travel size
6. Coppertone Sunblock lotion Sports - perfect protection and perfect smell for sunblock
7. Nivea after sun - for my husband to avoid rashes
8. Teasing Comb - to add volume to my hair
9. Tresemme Hairspray - to style my hair

This are the things I will be bringing for this trip and if you want to see what's in my bag for a beach and our trip as well I will be posting it right after this blog will be up so don't forget to follow my blog.

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