Monday, April 1, 2013


I haven’t done favorites for a long time because I had been juggling my time between work, wedding and being a wife. I’ll blog some details about my wedding soon :) for now I want to share with you some products that I had been frequently using for the whole month of march.

1. RIMMEL STAY MATTE FACE POWDER - I saw this from Tanya Burr a youtube guru and she kept on saying that this powder is so good. I had been using MAC’s careblend powder for years now since it was released 2 years ago so I’m a bit hesitant for trying something new product specially to replace something that I love for years. So one day when I was doing some shopping I decided to grab some Rimmel Products and I grab this powder. I had been using it for a month now and it was so damn good. My face stays matte for the whole day compared to my MAC careblend. So I’m giving a thumbs up for this product plus I saved more than half of the price of my usual powder.

2. RIMMEL KATE MOSS LIPSTICK in 08 - I had been using this product almost everyday for about 2 months now. It’s a perfect shade if you want to pull up a nude pink lip for an everyday look. It has a creamy texture and a bit moisturizing on the lips not drying. The smell is good compared to some Rimmel lip products. I’m planning to try few more shades but as of now this is my go to everyday lip color.
3. UD NAKED BASIC PALETTE - I love Naked Palette whenever Urban decay is releasing some products from the line of Naked. I’m so on the hype of getting it. Unfortunately UD release the products few months late here in the UAE so im purchasing it online. With it’s very basic colors what I do is put a cream color base on my lids and top it with colors from the palette and define it with the dark colors. It’s more convenient to use it and throw it on your make up bag instead of carrying different shades of eye shadows. It’s perfect for day to night look.
4. MAYBELLINE METALLIC COLOR TATOO in INKED IN PINK - I love Maybelline line of color tatoos. I purchased this pink color online because it’s still not available here in UAE I think it will be after 6 months or so. It’s a perfect pink base for me. Sometimes when I’m so lazy I just put it on my lids alone. The only thing I don’t like about this product when you put more on your lids it’s really hard to blend because it dries do quickly the good thing is it stay on my lids for the whole day but not 24hrs. It creases a bit after 10 hrs. 
5. MAC EYE KHOL in TEDDY - I was in a MAC store and was trying to
purchased POWERSURGE eye khol when I saw this teddy and fell in love with it instantly. I even dropped the Powersurge and grab the Teddy when a MAC representative told me that the powersurge was out for a long time now and might be out soon so I just grab both of them. But since I bought them I’d been using teddy everyday and the powersurge for I think twice. It’s very creamy and glides on smoothly and so easy to apply the color was describe as intense bronze but I think it’s more of dark chocolate brown with bronze. If you want to try a more than the basic plain brown eyeliner try this teddy.. It’s just perfect!! 
6. ESSIE NAIL POLISH MINT CANDY APPLE - I was so hesitant to choose this color because I never used pastel on my nails because I don’t think it will compliment my skin tone but when I tried ahhh… i feel so  springy so ready for the spring. My husband like it too. It’s the perfect spring mint shade. A must try for spring.

7. CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE INTENSE SKIN FORTIFYING HYDRATOR - I had been using clinique for about 3 years now and It has been my HG when it comes to my skin routine. This winter my skin became to dry and flaky so I went to Clinique with my husband and they gave me a sample for this Moisture Surge Intense because I don’t want to purchase new products and if it didn’t work i’ll just throw it on my cabinet with the other products that didn’t  work for me. So I still do my Skin routine and after my usual moisturizer I put a layer of this as well and after 2-3 days i feel my skin more moisturized and smooth unlike before that it was so tight and uncomfortable. So maybe by summer my skin will get back to its normal condition as before.

So that’s it for my monthly favorites. Till next month. :)
xoxo - chel

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