Sunday, June 28, 2015


I was so happy when they offered me to have a sneek peak on the MAC Huggable Collection when I was in the MAC last February and I made a reservation for some of the shades from this collection. Originally MAC released 12 colors for this collection and I bought 6.

MAC claims that this lipsticks can provide lasting finish that leaves lips smooth and sculpted up to 6 hours. I think the finish was more like a cremsheen to me that's why I like it but it's sheer that it somehow reminds me also of the lip butter lipsticks. I like also how it makes your lips moisturized though application was not as smooth as I want it to be but not like matte lipstick that you have to drag it. but once you applied the first coat it glides on well. I prefer to apply it over a lipbalm just a small amount then the lipstick so it will just glide on smoothly. The packaging is also nice, I like how they change the color not the classic black MAC packaging. I think this will be great for Spring because of it's texture and finish.

So the colors that I got are the Feeling Amorous,What a Feeling, Love Beam, Out for Passion , Fresh and Frisky and Touche.

Feeling Amorous is a mid-tone fuchsia 
What a Feeling is a mid-tone cool pink
Love Beam is a mid-tone warm pink
Out of Passion is a soft warm rose
Fresh and Frisky is a soft neutral peach
Touche is a light beige

(Swatches Left to Right:Feeling Amorous,What a Feeling, Love Beam, Out for Passion , Fresh and Frisky and Touche)

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