Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I had been wanting the Lorac Palette for so long since it was compared to Urban Decay Naked Palette and I love my Naked Palette much that I can't splurge on something that I may not like and will still make me come back to my Naked Palette, however my youngest sister who's also a makeup junkie keeps on telling me that the Lorac Palette is way better than the Naked. Out of curiosity about her statement I went and order Lorac Palette in my trusty since it wasn't available in UAE as a gift for myself for my birthday and perfect colors for fall. 

I received the package after 2 weeks and I was so excited to open it and see what wonderful thing I got. The box packaging was okay nothing special. When I opened it I was a bit surprise how sleek the packaging is. I was kind of hoping that it wasn't that too sleek because the box was a bit big for the very sleek palette. It also comes with an Eye Primer.

When I open the palette I knew then why it's being compared to the Naked Palette. For some reason...some of the colors on the Lorac Pro Palette are very similar to the Naked 1. The Slate(Lorac) is very similar to the Gunmetal (Naked). Champagne (Lorac) is a bit similar to Sin (Naked). Taupe (Lorac) to Buck (Naked). The concept of the Lorac Pro Palette is more like the Naked palette. 

What I like about this palette is it's very versatile like the Naked Palette. You can create a lot of looks with it, very neutral colors which is very me. Shades vary from lightest to darkest so you can do an simple everyday look to glamour smokey eye or from day to night makeup. The eye shadows are very pigmented and creamy. It's very sleek packaging has an advantage because you can put it on your purse, excellent for travelling and it will not take a lot of space on your kit plus it's very light too. Also not like the Naked this palette comes with more matte eye shadows which exceptional because most of the  palettes on the market are shimmery or some just have few matte eye shadows included. Lorac has 8 matte and 8 shimmery eye shadow. So if you're not into shimmery eye shadows and you want to try a palette like the Naked you can try the Lorac Pro. Personally I don't like shimmer especially on my crease area because I have a fatty eye lids so if I put shimmery eye shadow on that area it will emphasize the lids more so I opt to darker matte than darker shimmer.

If you're like me and been wanting the Lorac pro Palette for a long time but you keep on holding back maybe because of the price or for some reason... all I can say is... you need to try it. Now I had been using it everyday mixing colors and I wanting to try the Unzipped one too.

Have you tried the Unzipped? what's your thoughts?

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