Monday, September 9, 2013


I had recently subscribed to Glambox.Me. If it's your first time hearing about Glambox, basically subscribing to Glambox you will be receiving boxes every month according to your subscription plan. The boxes includes sample products from various lines for you to try. The concept of Glambox was absolutely nice because you can try products without buying the regular size which you might end up either liking it or not liking it and will be just a waste of money. I was a bit hesitant in subscribing to Glambox because not brave enough and I'm scared in receiving products that I don't personally like but when I saw that the August box will have all products from Benefit I said okay I'm sold so I subscribed. I love Benefit's products and was so interested in trying few more products from them. Although I have the mascara and the primer which is included in the box it doesn't stop me from subscribing. 

I'm very very excited in receiving the box. I received it last August 28 and when I got home from work I opened the box and explore the products right away. I feel like a kid who received a gift from Santa on Christmas day.

August Box includes
The Porefessional which is a primer that minimized the appearance of large pores and fine lines. It's Oil free and contains Vitamin E. I already tried and tested this one and I use it whenever I feel like I need to cover some of my pores specially if you have oily skin your pores are just there and will never leave you unless you use products that minimizes your pores.

Chachatint which is a mango tinted cheek and lip stain. I love the color of this tint. I was eyeing this product for so long but I feel that stain products for your cheeks are really  hard to work with. sometimes it leaves streaks of brushes on your cheeks do if you're not used to using this you might do it wrong. I suggest you put it on your finger tips and blend it on your cheeks slowly building up the colors. Never use it directly on your cheeks or it will leave a brush streak and it will be very painful when that happens. 

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow it's a Oil free brightening liquid foundation with SPF 25. I'm really surprised to like this foundation. I'm very picky when it comes to foundation and I never tried Benefit's foundation before. This really brightens your skin without any shimmer at all. This is the product that I will seriously repurchased after finishing the sample. The shade was perfect for me and really matches my neck perfectly you will never notice that I'm wearing a foundation at all. I felt like this will be my HG foundation as long as this will exist in the world.

They're real Mascara claims to be a long-wearing mascara. When this was released it was massively talked about in beauty world. I bought this one and I can say that this is a very nice mascara as long as you're not irritated with the plastic brush. I prefer the regular brush than the plastics because it hurts my eye specially when you put the brush close to your lids when applying the mascara, it really bothers me. But the formula of this mascara is great. It won't smudge and will stay for a long time and really lengthens and add volume to your lashes.

B. Right Total Mouisture is a facial cream that claims to provide long-term hydration. This product is a no go for me because I have combination to oily skin but this time it's more on the oilier side than being on the combination. Also I don't like the scent it's too strong for me. This might work more for people who have dry skin.

That's it guys! If you're subscribed to Glambox like me... what's your favorite item? 
I'm now looking forward for the September box. I can't wait :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hi Everyone!

This will be my first "face of the day" post on my blog. Me and my husband are going out to watch a movie and have dinner with our friends afterwards. Since I had been wearing this makeup almost everyday I thought I better put it on my blog and take advantage of the natural light. This was taken inside my husband's car while he's driving and starting to get annoyed of me blocking his side mirror. I'm using my  phone to take the pictures.

This is pretty simple and very basic. I opted for more natural look most of the time because I don't feel the need of putting layers of make up in a very humid day. So minimal product was used and the list are below:

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Light
MAC Moisture Cover Concealer in NW25
NARS Laguna Bronzer
Illamasqua Blush in Nymph

Maybelline Define a brow in Dark Brown
Missha Eyebrow powder
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink
Estee Lauder Eyeshadow duo in Raisins
MAC Eyeliner in Stubborn Brown
Benefit They're Real Mascara

Revlon Lipstick in Blushing Mauve

Final touch
Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hi Everyone!

I got another haul for you guys :)

I had been hold for buying beauty products for a year and this is what happens. Some of  the things I bough was really needed and some are...something new to try on.

We went to Dubai Mall during the Eid Holiday. Dubai mall is where we go whenever I need to find something not sold in Abu Dhabi because most of the brands can be found there it's a very very big mall. And because I haven't been there and also I was supposed to meet with my sister that time but she was at the airport from 1am till 5am waiting if she will be pulled out for a flight and because we we're avoiding crowd we went there around 10am when everyone I guess is still sleeping so as my sister. My husband also need to buy some work out clothes and shoes so even meeting up my sister was cancelled we still decided to continue the plan.

First stop I discovered an Illamasqua store in Dubai Mall, It's new... I think because I'd never seen them before. It's a UK cosmetic brand and their skin base foundation was so popular but unfortunately I didn't try that one because I still have 1 more foundation to try and I bought a new foundation also to try, which I will show or tell you in a bit. There's not much products to try like most of their lipsticks are like 3 same shades on the tray so your just picking up the same shade you like repeatedly. And it's quite expensive than MAC so I decided to try their blush and of course I can't go out there without buying a lipstick.

I choose a blush called Nymph and it was like a soft pink with a bluish tone on it. Perfect girly blush. Then I grab a safe nude lipstick called Test. Both of them are highly highly pigmented. As of now I love both of them and I kept on using the Nymph blush ever since I bought it. And I also used the lipstick on my shoot which will also be posted soon.

Then I went to Sephora. Every time I go to Dubai Mall I make it a point to stop by Sephora and snoop for some new things to try plus I really needed to buy another Urban Decay Naked Palette. I gave my old one to my younger sister because she was asking me to buy her an eyeshadow palette when my husband and I were in Hong Kong for our honey moon and because I can't find anything nicer than the Naked Palette I just decided to gave it to her and will just buy a new one when I came back here in UAE. So I bought that and then I also wanted to try the Urban Decay Oil control make up setting spray called De Slick because my face turned to be very greasy now because of the weather here in UAE and I swear it's disgusting. So I wanted to try that if it works better than the All Nighter one and it actually does I'd been also using it everyday. 

Then I pass by the Bareminerals section and I love their eye shadows so much most specially the quad called "The Truth". So i decided to try the Bareminerals matte foundation because it will suit my needs now specially it's summer so a mineral loose powder might work for me I bought a shade Light because It has a yellow undertone and I'm more on yellow than beige and pink I'm so excited to do a full review on this because it's a very good foundation I can say for everyday though I still love my MAC Face and Body foundation also for summer.

Then the last item that I wanted to pick up in Sephora was the Huda Lashes. I used Huda Lashes on my wedding last April and I love it so much that I promised myself to buy another one. I bought a more dramatic one called Gisselle, the one i used on my wedding was Coco Jo. Coco Jo is a more natural looking lashes. It's just quite a bit expensive for my opinion and since I'm not wearing lashes everyday it's fine for me to buy this and keep it for a more important event.

Then I went to Areej to check the Estee Lauder because I wanted to actually try the Blush called Tease but unfortunately It's out of stock so my husband told me to choose another item that I wanted to try and I always love Estee Lauder Lip glosses because it's very pigmented but I can't find a nice color. Then when I look down I saw this duo eye shadows. It's called Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo in Rasins. Which is a very very nice color even my husband likes it I also like the Vanilla Pods but I choose the Raisins more because it's more interesting. I will come back there for sure and buy the Vanilla Pod and a 5 Eyeshadow palette because they're also lovely. Also the wonderful lady who assist me gave me a cute tote bag for free. Yay!

Then the last stop was at Paris Gallery because Clinique emailed me that they will be giving away a Eid Gifts which is a bag full of goodies when ever you prurchased 2 items. Since I needed to repurchased my moisturizer and I wanted to try a new skincare steps I went there and grab a few items. So I had been in the Acne Solution Clear Skin System for years now and since my skin is clear now. I wanted to try the 3 Step Skin care #3 for Combination to Oily Skin Type. Clinique has a trial kit or starter kit for their skin care which consist of toner, facial wash and a moisturizer in small bottle and tubes and I usually purchase a starter kit when I'm trying a new skin care routine, practically because I don't know if it will work for me or not so why spend buying the bigger sizes if you're just on trial. Then I still wanted to keep my Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer oil free to at least control some pimples coming out specially when your period is arriving. Another reason is because I love how it feels on my skin. I usually apply this all over my face at night. I also asked the girl at  the counter if I can still use it and she said it's fine as long as it still works on your skin. And as I've said they will be giving out a bag with goodies for their promotion, I got one which consist of High Impact Mascara, 7 day scrub cream, youth surge moisturizer, dual ended lipgloss and lipstick, black eyeliner, take the day off make up remover and pore refining solution correcting serum.

So that's it! That's  my haul from few beauty shops i trusted. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I will be doing full review on some products mentioned on this blog.

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hi everyone!
August had ended and now it's the start of "Ber Months" and every time ber month starts I feel very excited because it means that Christmas is very very near and before I get really excited for the ber months let wrap the August with my monthly favorites.

For my August Beauty and Skincare Favorites

That was quite a long name for a product. Any ways this products cleanses your face and removes makeup even the stubborn waterproof one. It's very gentle on your face and really makes your face feeling smooth after using it. I don't normally use it everyday. I use it mostly on times when I wear full make up on because not everyday I wear full makeup. But during the Ramadan when I have a lot of time putting make up on I use this everyday and I love it. It really does the magic in removing make up. If you are looking for a make up remover try this one. I bought it from Boots but you can find it mostly on a drugstore or pharmacy around UAE.

My sister recommended this product to me. I'm kind looking for a body oil that doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your skin and she told me to try the Bio oil. I was a bit skeptical in buying this product because 1st it's still an oil and 2nd because it's a bit pricey. When I went to Boots during the start of August I decided to give it a shot since then I'd been using this everyday. I love my body butter and I still love them but this product also do the thing of hydrating your skin. I'm very lazy applying lotion in the morning so at night I really spend time hydrating my skin. So I use this Bio oil first after taking a shower then I let it absorb my skin and let say after 30 mins I apply my body butter and my skin in the morning was so soft. This will be included in my night skin care routine from now on.

I bought this foundation last Eid just because I wanted to try it and I really love it. It's so easy to use and really hold up pretty well. Skipping a powder after foundation, who doesn't like that? I can say that it's a really nice summer foundation. If you're a person who doesn't like a liquid foundation during summer, you better try this. The finish is good, there's a lot of shades to choose from so it would be easy to find what matches you. I think this product is under rated I don't see a lot of  reviews about it and I don't know why but it is a really good foundation I have tried 2 products from Bare minerals and I love both of them. Now I'm really in the convince to try more Bare minerals product because I think they're great.

I also purchased this product along with the Bio-oil and the Bioderma when I went to Boots. I pick up the shade called Peach on the Beach which is a nice peach color and Orange Punch which is just a normal Orange color. I haven't tried Bourjois lip products before I find it a bit expensive for a drugstore brand  specially when I compare it to Rimmel which by the way their lip products are great for a drugstore brand. So I tried it and I like it I use it everyday because it's very hydrating on your lips and slides on smoothly. Like I don't bother looking at the mirror applying it because it's just so natural looking it's like a tint with a gloss.

I was using the All Nighter setting spray before and I notice that it doesn't work for my oily skin. I was eager to find something to control the oiliness on my T-zone. One day when I was watching Youtube I saw the De-slick used by Ingrid who is also known as missglamorazzi, I told myself i have to try it. So when I went to Sephora without any hesitations I bought this product and tested it. It's way better than the All Nighter, It controls the oiliness on my T zone but not for more than 8 hrs which is fine for me because all I need to do is blot it and it's back to normal. I can't leave the house without using this because the humidity will absolutely melt everything I have on my face.

For my Non Beauty favorites

I was really trying to be healthy this past few month and by being healthy means I'm trying to eat less carbs than normal, eating veggies (which thinking about it makes me sick), eating more fruits and working out more. I workout most of the time when I'm not feeling lazy but But since i have a goal of loosing a stone I had been working out more. I had been counting calories I burned in a day and to be able to do that and be motivated to burn more I bought a Nike Fuel Band which monitors your calories and the reach or even exceed your goals. My goal for now is reaching 2000 fuel a day and burning 700+ calories a day. Some days I actually burn a thousand and reach fuel up to 3900. There were also days when you're feeling lazy and all you wanted to do is lie on the bed and once you saw that it's 1pm and your goal was just 100, you will really be motivated to move around and do something.

2. Kindle  
I love reading books so much because it brings me to a different world and it feels like a stress reliever for me specially at the end of the day. But this past few months I'd been using ibooks most of the time what I noticed is that my eyes are reacting to the brightness of it specially at night. Even though I adjust the brightness or switch it to night I still feel uncomfortable reading and usually I just stop because I'm starting to get dizzy. During daytime i don't have any problem with it. So I switch back to my Kindle and I just enjoy reading more. All though Kindle released a Paper white and Fire, I think the Kindle with the E ink pearl was the best for your eyes.

So that's the things I had been loving for the past month. I hope you enjoy it and if you wanted to try something from the products I mentioned go for it and lemme know if it works for you.

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