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Hi everyone!
August had ended and now it's the start of "Ber Months" and every time ber month starts I feel very excited because it means that Christmas is very very near and before I get really excited for the ber months let wrap the August with my monthly favorites.

For my August Beauty and Skincare Favorites

That was quite a long name for a product. Any ways this products cleanses your face and removes makeup even the stubborn waterproof one. It's very gentle on your face and really makes your face feeling smooth after using it. I don't normally use it everyday. I use it mostly on times when I wear full make up on because not everyday I wear full makeup. But during the Ramadan when I have a lot of time putting make up on I use this everyday and I love it. It really does the magic in removing make up. If you are looking for a make up remover try this one. I bought it from Boots but you can find it mostly on a drugstore or pharmacy around UAE.

My sister recommended this product to me. I'm kind looking for a body oil that doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your skin and she told me to try the Bio oil. I was a bit skeptical in buying this product because 1st it's still an oil and 2nd because it's a bit pricey. When I went to Boots during the start of August I decided to give it a shot since then I'd been using this everyday. I love my body butter and I still love them but this product also do the thing of hydrating your skin. I'm very lazy applying lotion in the morning so at night I really spend time hydrating my skin. So I use this Bio oil first after taking a shower then I let it absorb my skin and let say after 30 mins I apply my body butter and my skin in the morning was so soft. This will be included in my night skin care routine from now on.

I bought this foundation last Eid just because I wanted to try it and I really love it. It's so easy to use and really hold up pretty well. Skipping a powder after foundation, who doesn't like that? I can say that it's a really nice summer foundation. If you're a person who doesn't like a liquid foundation during summer, you better try this. The finish is good, there's a lot of shades to choose from so it would be easy to find what matches you. I think this product is under rated I don't see a lot of  reviews about it and I don't know why but it is a really good foundation I have tried 2 products from Bare minerals and I love both of them. Now I'm really in the convince to try more Bare minerals product because I think they're great.

I also purchased this product along with the Bio-oil and the Bioderma when I went to Boots. I pick up the shade called Peach on the Beach which is a nice peach color and Orange Punch which is just a normal Orange color. I haven't tried Bourjois lip products before I find it a bit expensive for a drugstore brand  specially when I compare it to Rimmel which by the way their lip products are great for a drugstore brand. So I tried it and I like it I use it everyday because it's very hydrating on your lips and slides on smoothly. Like I don't bother looking at the mirror applying it because it's just so natural looking it's like a tint with a gloss.

I was using the All Nighter setting spray before and I notice that it doesn't work for my oily skin. I was eager to find something to control the oiliness on my T-zone. One day when I was watching Youtube I saw the De-slick used by Ingrid who is also known as missglamorazzi, I told myself i have to try it. So when I went to Sephora without any hesitations I bought this product and tested it. It's way better than the All Nighter, It controls the oiliness on my T zone but not for more than 8 hrs which is fine for me because all I need to do is blot it and it's back to normal. I can't leave the house without using this because the humidity will absolutely melt everything I have on my face.

For my Non Beauty favorites

I was really trying to be healthy this past few month and by being healthy means I'm trying to eat less carbs than normal, eating veggies (which thinking about it makes me sick), eating more fruits and working out more. I workout most of the time when I'm not feeling lazy but But since i have a goal of loosing a stone I had been working out more. I had been counting calories I burned in a day and to be able to do that and be motivated to burn more I bought a Nike Fuel Band which monitors your calories and the reach or even exceed your goals. My goal for now is reaching 2000 fuel a day and burning 700+ calories a day. Some days I actually burn a thousand and reach fuel up to 3900. There were also days when you're feeling lazy and all you wanted to do is lie on the bed and once you saw that it's 1pm and your goal was just 100, you will really be motivated to move around and do something.

2. Kindle  
I love reading books so much because it brings me to a different world and it feels like a stress reliever for me specially at the end of the day. But this past few months I'd been using ibooks most of the time what I noticed is that my eyes are reacting to the brightness of it specially at night. Even though I adjust the brightness or switch it to night I still feel uncomfortable reading and usually I just stop because I'm starting to get dizzy. During daytime i don't have any problem with it. So I switch back to my Kindle and I just enjoy reading more. All though Kindle released a Paper white and Fire, I think the Kindle with the E ink pearl was the best for your eyes.

So that's the things I had been loving for the past month. I hope you enjoy it and if you wanted to try something from the products I mentioned go for it and lemme know if it works for you.

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