About Me


I am so excited starting this blog.
Well questions are listed below that can answer your curios mind of who I am.

1. What's my name?
   - Michelle, my friends call me chel or chelly

2. Where do I live? Which country ?
   - I am currently living in Abu Dhabi which is in United Arab Emirates where I am working now.

3. What is my Nationality?
   - As I checked with my mother I am still a Filipino. :)

4. Where do I learn to do make up? Am I a make up artist?
   - Self taught, I learn from my own. I just love colors and play with them. When I was a kid my mother let me play with her stuff like make up and heels and it always makes me happy all day. Until I grow up with passion for make up, clothes and bags. Once I saw some pictures in the magazines I try to do it on myself. Trial and error as they say. I am not a make up artist I am just sharing things I know.

5. Did I joined any Make up school?
   - I will if I had time but since I had a full time work I can't but maybe in the future for sure. 

6. What make up do you usually use or love?
   - I use different products high end or drugstores. Whatever I find pretty in my eyes and suits me of course that is I think the most important. I love Laura Mercier, MAC, Make up Forever, Urban Decay, Loreal and Maybelline.

7. What camera am I using? 
   - I am using Sony Cybershot  for pictures I am using my Canon SLR 500D

8. What can we find in your blog?
  - Different things most of it are about make up, tutorials and advises. I will also write things about life and my point of views ... ohhh.. and books and photography! as I love Photography too.

9. What is the reason for creating this blog?
  - I created this blog mainly for fun! I wanted to share things I know and share my opinions to things I think that I need to share to all of you which will be helpful for all 

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