Sunday, April 20, 2014


(Riri Woo, All fired up , Speak Louder ,Fanfare)

I don't know why I am liking a bright lips right now usually I go for a more natural nude lips but I think bright  lips is my go to lippies right now except when I go to work but weekend or if I'm having a dinner or hanging out with friends I wore bright lips.

So I went to MAC or my sister hunt it for me since she's privilege on going everywhere in the world I ask her to hunt the Riri Woo and the All fired up lipstick for me.

I kept on avoiding the Riri Woo lipstick because for me it's just like the Ruby woo which is on the permanent line but when MAC release the Holiday collection I was sold because of the packaging who would never love a rose gold and white packaging? Since the Holiday collection was release in the UAE I think last February or End of January and they didn't include the lipstick which I think is a big disappointment for those people who are waiting for the collection and I'm one of them. I really wanted the pleasure bomb and no matter what I do my sister don't want to give it to me because she likes it too. That's the reason why I bought the next color which I think closely looks like the Pleasure Bomb.

The next item that I asked my sister to hunt for me and I think she found it in Australia was the All fired up and it was from the Retro Matte Collection. It's a bright fuchsia and really really lovely on my skin tone if only I can wear it at work I will but I don't want my boss distracted because of my bright lips.This is one of my favorite bright lips plus it's matte and I love matte.

I also bought ( me going to MAC store) 2 lipstick because that time I'm so stressed and I need something to make me happy so I went to MAC and look for something and I saw this color called Speak Louder and I like it so I was swatching it with few more lipsticks but it really speaks to me to get him so I ended up getting it. It's a Cremesheen and describe as a clean poppy blue pink and was just lovely and perfect for Spring.I really love the finish of Cremesheen and how they glide smoothly on your lips and I think you heard me mention it a lot now so I'll stop and jump in to my last purchase.

The last lipstick that I got was actually my husbands choice was the Fanfare. He also prefer nude natural lips on me and just ignore it when I use bright lips. This is also a Cremesheen finish because I love it. It's describe as a mid-tone yellow pink but for me it falls on a very light pinky coral shade. Most of the time now this is what I use in the office and it never leaves my bag. It makes my lips look so natural but better. This I think will fall on my most used lipsticks.

That's all I bought from MAC and I also have a few collections from MAC coming up so make sure you visit my blog.

Have a great day! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I accidentally discovered the Laura Mercier when I was trying to explore the newly opened mall near my work and heard that there is a House of Fraser now in that mall so I went there and after few turns in front of me was the Laura Mercier Counter and I almost jumped because of excitement. I had been a huge fan of Laura Mercier for years now and the only time I can purchase Laura Mercier products is when I visit Philippines which is once a year. So having Laura Mercier in Abu Dhabi is very convenient for me. I hope NARS will be next. 

So this are the items that I purchased and for sure I will be back soon because I wanted to try their skin care and the Caviar stick so bad.

I heard a lot of good things about this foundation and had been wanting to try it before but I never wanted a full coverage foundation but now since my skin is in bad situation I decided to try it. This is seriously a full cover foundation like no joke. You need a tiny bit and it goes a long way. I like how this sit on my skin but I can't wear it without a primer underneath because it does glides on my skin after 4-5 hours and to avoid that I have to use a good primer. I also like how luminous your skin like it's fresh and alive. the only downside I can say with this foundation is it doesn't last all day maximum hours with the primer will be 8 hours and you will start seeing blotchiness on some areas. And also I wanted to mention that even though I have a light-medium skin I use the 2 to the last shade and I think their range suits light - medium skin tones so if you have a dark skin tone even the darkest shade will not suit you.

I was planning on buying the Skin brightening powder but the lady really sold me to this powder and because I don't like the finish of a Translucent powder because of their white cast or sometimes it looks grey on my skin but this Translucent loose powder was like a heaven sent for me. It's not you're usual white translucent powder it's beige and really fits on which I think till medium skin tone. I also love how fine the talc is that really sits well on your skin.Since I purchase it I never stopped using it and maybe this will fall on my most loved products and if I run out of it I will repurchase it again till they stop making it but I hope not.

Just before I pay the lady introduced me to the skincare products and I was never interested on skin care products from any make up brand and I don't know why. So she asked me to smell the scents of each tub and I was seriously wanted to buy all of them because the scent is so amazing but I know if I will go crazy buying skin care my husband will start questioning me. So I decided to grab the Hand creme and will be back with the body creme for sure I can't wait to finish all my body butter and go back to Laura Mercier and bring that baby home. So back to the hand creme I was really sold by the scent and next is the texture compared to my Body Shop hand creme I like how moisturizing this hand creme is and also the scent even if you wash your hand the trace of the scent is still there. I just love it and my husband likes the smell to I'm a sucker for vanilla scent and amber.

After my last purchase from Laura Mercier I decided to go back and get a primer for my Silk Creme foundation and I asked for the Oil free one. I ca't actually say if I love this product or not for me it's a normal primer but if I wanted my foundation to stay longer this would not be the primer that I will use. I think this primer suits more on my Make up forever Mat velvet plus or MAC Select Fluid Foundation where the consistency really clings to your skin really well and tends to last longer than the normal foundation. However I haven't tried the Oil free foundation of Laura using this primer maybe they will fit together. But now I will find a way to use it with other type of foundation.

So that is it for my Laura Mercier trip hope you like it. If you're in Abu Dhabi go check laura mercier in House of Fraser in World trade Center Mall or if you're living outside UAE and interested in trying their products I would definitely recommend the Loose Powder and the Hand Creme.

Have a great day guys!

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