Friday, July 5, 2013


Another month had passed so quickly and every June I'm thinking that it's a half way to Christmas.. you'll never realize it's already December and you're pulling out your decorations :)

I love Summer because you tend to play with colors and wear colorful stuff like clothes, bags, shoes, nail polish and makeup. Neon is in this year but because of my complexion I'm kinda avoiding them. I love pastel though and that's what I'm wearing most of the time during spring season and summer right now I'm exploring with bright  lipsticks:)

So here's my favorites for the month of June with lotsa colors:)

1. MAC Face and Body - I had been using this since I bought this. It's a very lightweight foundation so it's good for Summer and hot weather because I always switch up to a lightweight foundation during summer because I can't justify why wearing a full coverage foundation when after 2 hours all is running down your face. I also have a review on this foundation if you wanna see an in depth review about MAC Face & Body Foundation.

2. RT Expert Face Brush - I'd been using this brush everyday to apply my foundation. I had been using my F84 Angled Kabuki Brush from Sigma which is also a good brush for applying foundation so when the RT Expert Face Brush arrived on my doorstep I'd been comparing them. For now i'm really impressed with this brush. It's so soft and blends the foundation so well with out leaving a streaks. If you want to see more information regarding this brush click here.

3. Burts Bees Refreshing Lipbalm with Pink Grapefruit - I bought this lipbalm during our honeymoon last May in Hong Kong for 45HKD. I heard so many good thing about this so I decided to try it out. I never been a fan of lip balm I feel so lazy applying them but when I had this I'm absolutely addicted with it. I can't stop myself from applying it from time to time. I think it's because of the scent. I can say it wasn't that moisturizing at all but it's just so addictive. So I ask my dad to buy me more in and give it to my sister when she fly to Hong Kong. I use it before applying my lipstick and it's sheers the lipstick application a bit.

4. Maybelline Vivid Lipstick in Shocking Coral - Ohhh! This is interesting. It's June so it's DSS (Dubai Summer Sale) where most of the stores are on sale with really good discounts. So when my friends and I passed by a store called Lifestyle and checked out some lip products I saw this on the Maybelline shelf and was so shocked with the colors. I never grabbed this color at first because it's quite "shocking" like I know from then it will not suit my complexion so I bough the Vivid Rose and Hot Plum which is so gorgeous as well. Then when I went home and check some reviews on the you tube I saw a lot of people likes the shocking coral so I went to the mall to check the color again and still have the same impression from the day before so I just bought it together with the Neon Red and then my husband complemented it so it was a surprise. My husband btw complemented my lipstick just twice since we'd been together and that's the Angel from MAC and this lipstick and he bought me one more from this collection it's called Electric Orange.

5. MAC Highland Honey Blush (limited edition) - This blush is a limited edition from the Tartan Tale collection. I love wearing this blush during summer because it gives me a nice summery glow that I like. It's a peachy orange color with a little sheen to it. I love peaches blush and really complements my skin. Whenever I wear this blush I feel like it was so natural and I feel so happy whenever I wear it. It's like the feeling when you're wearing something like your favorite color dress or even your favorite dress and it makes you happy, That's the same feeling when I'm wearing this blush. It's just lovely!

6. MAC Select Cover up Concealer in NW25 - I had been using this for quite a long time now and I haven't reviewed this yet. This is a great concealer perhaps the second to my list of wonderful concealer I had ever used. It's stays there and never moved till I end my day. I can say it's great for normal to oily skin but not to dry skin. If you're a normal to oily and looking for a great concealer that cover's well then you should give this a try.

7. Burjois Eyeliner in Bronze - I had been obsess with this eyeliner for a long time and now I can't find it anywhere it makes me feel sad because this is my go to eyeliner whenever I feel lazy on doing my eyes I just smudge this on my lids and make a thick line near the lash lines, up and down. So this might be my last Bronze eyeliner. 

8. Revlon Grow Lash Mascara - When I bought this mascara for my wedding last November I never was impressed with it because it's very liquidy but the more I used it the more it becomes dry the more I'm liking it. This is a good mascara I can say it holds up curls so well and gives your lashes a volume. I like this mascara compared to my Benefit they're real mascara.

9. Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil in Brown - I had been struggling with looking for an eyebrow pencil to replace my Define a Brow from Maybelline which was discontinued. This is a descent Eye brow pencil but I'm still in the search of an eyebrow pencil that I will feel in love with. I hate the waxy feeling of some eyebrow pencils and most of those eyebrow pencil on the market now is waxy. This Rmmel on the other hand is not as waxy as the other but the color doesn't match my eyebrow so what I do is put my Missha Eyebrow kit on top of it.   Until I find something that I love, for now I'm going to stick with this.

10. Clinique Happy Perfume - I had a problem with perfumes and I can't stop buying perfume if  I smell something that I like I'm absolutely taking it. But there are few perfumes that I kept on repurchasing this is one of them. Most of us love this scent and I think because it's something that's not so overpowering it's just a calm scent. Scent that will make you "happy" hahahaha! I'm really bad in describing scents.

Random Favorites for the month

1. The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts - This book has been on my Kindle for quite some time now so I decided to start reading it and it's nice it's not. I just like the attitude of each person in this book. Plus there is a mystery ghost involved in this book. I can say It's a simple story and a book that you can read when you feel you wanna be loved.

2. Loose Sleeveless - I had been loving this kind of tops where it's big and loose and has a big arm hole where you need to were a spaghetti strap underneath or a nice bra however you can't to that here because you have to follow the rules and you can't wear revealing clothes here. So if you want to wear something like this you have to wear something underneath to avoid more skin showing up. But this is a good summery clothes it's not tight and it just feel so light and comfortable to wear.

3. Lacnor Juices - I don't drink sodas anymore unless there's nothing to drink than a soda but as much as possible I am avoiding it so it's either I drink Juice or water. So this month I decided to start drinking more juices so I kept on stocking juices on my fridge and whenever I feel like I wanted something sweet after a meal I grab a juice instead of chocolates which keeps me away from consuming unreasonable bar of chocolates because I'm also trying to cut away some sweets.

So that's all my favorites for this month I hope you guys enjoyed it :)
will blog soon:)

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