Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I'm a big Summer gal before that's why I got married last April which is the summer time in our country! and yes I said "before" because things had changed a bit when I started living in Abu Dhabi as much as possible I'm avoiding sun and humidity because Summer in UAE is can be a bit extreme and I can only enjoy the sun and the beach by the month of October which is like fall in the other country. Things I love about summer is the fun colors, refreshing drinks and scents, ocean and vacation. Summer is fun and I'm starting to miss summertime in the Philippines now :(

I wanted to share with you the things that I had been constantly using during this summer.

1. The Body Shop Body Butter in Mango
 I was so used to body butters specially the one's from Body Shop I just grown using them my favorites was the Japanese Cherry Blossoms which they discontinued now and that really frustrates me. This mango scent was so summery and fresh and just yummy and so perfect for summer. The thing about body butters that I like is it really hydrates your skin so well compared to a body lotion.

2. Bath and Body Works Candles in Peach and Bahama Fizz 
 Since I tried this candles last December my husband and I loved it so much that he was so into it when choosing a scent. So when we run out of candles we went to grab some and he chose these scents. It's very refreshing and sometimes when I lit the candles and start filling up the house I feel like I'm on a vacation in a very nice beach.

3. Burt's Bees Refreshing Lip balm in Pink Grapefruit 
 I already talked about this Lipbalm on my June favorites. This really keeps your lips hydrated and I can't stop applying it. It's just so addictive. So to keep your lips hydrated during this season and you want a summer feel to it.. try this one.

4. Pastel Color Nail Polishes
 I love pastel this season. I think it started because of my wedding since our theme is Spring and Summer. I started exploring pastel colors last April and my first one was the Mint Candy Apple and I just loved it. Usually my husband doesn't care about what color my nails are but he did complemented it and I though this might really work for me so I started choosing pastel colors and now I have 5 of them :)

5. Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossoms Fragrance Mist
This scent of all the Body Shop scents this is my ULTIMATE favorite and please..please..please... Body Shop stop discontinuing items that I love! During summer I often change perfume scents I prefer a more calm scents than a musky-vanilla-amber scents which I love when the weather starts getting cold. I prefer the calm and a bit floraly scents because it makes me feel so relax. With the heat and the sun mixed with sweat I wanted to smell fresh and soft. I have a perfume which was a summer scent from Issey Miyake its a Summer Edition that perfume really is a very heavy scent for me it's very floral every time I wear it I feel heavy, but I love the scent it's just that I can't wear it during Summer even if it's a Summer Edition.

6. Leggings
Leggings is a must for me during Summer aside from  the fact that you can't wear summer shorts here an alternative for that is a long skirt or a leggings and
since I don't wear skirts... so leggings is the only choice. Because of it's cotton texture and thinness I prefer this rather than jeans or jeggings. Just have a loose shirt or top then a good pair of leggings and you're good to go.

7. Loose tops
I love loose shirts this season. It's very comfortable to wear and easy to style. Just layer it with a tight racer back or spaghetti strap and that's it. It's my go to style right now.

8. Cream Blush 
I prefer cream blushes during hot weather. Since I'm not using a lot of make up I just put tinted moisturizer or a concealer to even out my skin and then mascara cream blush and a lipstick and that's it. I don't like the routine of getting a brush for application, I want the easiest way as possible. I find that cream blushes makes my skin a bit glowing that it won't require a highlighter any more. I also don't like the feeling of melted makeup on your face mixed with sweat.

9. Evian Facial Water Spray
Whenever I feel like my face had been stretched out and the moisture on my face evaporated instantly.. this is the answer for my thirsty face. I spay it all over my face and it gives you a very refreshing feel to it. I also used this whenever I go to the beach after a swim or staying under the sun. This really gives the moisture back to your face and the good this is.. it's just water.

10. Ray-Ban Aviator 
Trusty sun glasses is a must. I dark lenses is what I prefer during summer since it was so bright outside and my eyes can't handle being exposed to a very bright condition. Whenever I forgot to wear sunglasses for sure I'll be getting a migraine in a few minutes. It's also good for you to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Have a wonderful Summer guys!!! Don't forget to protect your skin  :)

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