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Everyone’s got so crazy with the Naked Palette when Urban Decay released it last 2010 , i’m one of them. Luckily this time there’s is Urban Decay here in UAE and thank God that they opened Sephora in Dubai last 2011 and in Abu Dhabi last year, I think that was May 2011 when I got my hand on my Naked Palette. And then, Urban Decay release the Naked Palette 2. I got mine from when it’s still not available in Sephora-Dubai but now it's available in every Sephora in UAE. So here’s my review about it and my impression.

Naked Pallet 1 & 2

Naked Pallet was packet with neutral colors that's what their idea for the Naked palette. I love the first Naked Palette because I can easily pull out a look from simple day time to night time look. I love neutrals and I think its nice with every look you’re trying to pull up for that certain day and very appropriate for school and work makeup.  
Lets go first with the packaging. Comparing the two i like the Naked Palette 2’s packaging more because it’s made of metal and it has a nice old rosy nude color which is so nice. The old one is made of chocolate brown like velvety texture to it and after few months of using it, it tends to look dirty because of some loosed colors and fingerprints. I also like that Urban Decay made the mirror bigger so you can see both of your eyes pretty well. The size are pretty much the same I like how I just can put it on my purse and bring it with me everywhere. So convenient that if ever there’s something comes up after work I can just add more colors to my eyes. 
Naked Palette 1

The Naked Palette 1 includes Karma Eye shadow Brush and a Travel size Eye shadow Primer. The Naked Palette 2 includes Karma Eye shadow Duo Brush and a Plumping Lip gloss. I don't like the Lip gloss though because of the tingling effect on it, I don't feel comfortable with the tingling effect on your lips.
Naked Palette 2

Let’s go through colors. Urban Decay described it as meticulously packed with 12 Taupe + Greige Neutrals and five exclusive new shades. The colors are still very pigmented. The only thing I don’t like about it most of them are shiny and glittery. The colors that I love and wore most of the time are Foxy which is a off white matte with yellow tone on it. Most of the time I use it as a base or a highlight for my brow bone. BootyCall which is a pale rosy pink color with shimmer on it also a good highlight or a base. Chopper which is a peachy pink and gold with silver sparkle I love this color it is actually my favorite on this palette. Tease which is a matte plumy brown and taupe color i like it on my crease, Pistol which is just a taupe greenish grey color with a bit of shimmer i love it alone like just allover my lid and the Blackout which is like a matte black. I like how they include a matte black on this palette. The other colors are Half Baked which is a perfect bronzy gold color with shimmer this is also included on the first palette, Snakebite which is a dark brownish taupe color with golden shimmer perfect for the outer lids or just on the lid and build up the color. Suspect which is a light brown taupe color with shimmer as well good for highlighting the corner of the lids or at the center for a pop of shimmer. Verve which is a silver with grey undertone on it and shimmer I haven’t tried this one yet but I think it’s perfect for nice smokey look. Ydk which is pink purley color with a very chunky gold glitters on it tends to fall out more I haven’t tried this too because as I’ve said it has chunk of glitters and I don’t like it. i think you should be careful on using this color because of the glitters itself but the color is nice. I might try this one soon and will update this for some views. Busted which is a dark plum with silver shimmer I love it for smokey look just a line it on your lash line and smoke it out on the outer corners of your lids and you’re good to party.

If I will choose between Naked 1 and Naked 2 I will choose the Naked 1 because the Naked 1 is more of like a warm colors which is nicer. The Naked 2 was more of the cool tones which I think makes you more mature.

I know most of you have Naked Pallets so what do you guys think? share it to me by leaving a comment below :)
Hope you guys enjoy the palette!!!

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