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Sleek Makeup had been so rave about in the Beauty World especially with their Blushes, Eye shadow Palettes and Contour Kits. Sleek Makeup are UK based cosmetic brand so it isn't available on your local drugstore, unfortunately.... but they're offering worldwide shipment if you order their products through their website. I ordered mine through Laylam which is a local online seller of Sleek Makeup and they have it on hand so no need to order it and wait for weeks, which is a very..very... good thing. I ordered mine last week and received it the next day. I was honestly anticipating that I will be receiving the items 2 days after I ordered it due to Ramadan timings but luckily and I'm very glad I did received it the next day I purchased it. Also, Laylam is offering COD (Cash on Delivery) service only which I think again is a plus because you don't need to use your cards to purchase products.

(Taken with a flash)

I was interested in trying the eyeshadow palettes but the Au Naturel is not available for now and was thinking of trying the Storm Palette which is also very popular however the more on metallic side of the palette is keeping me away from buying it so I just decided to wait till the Au Naturel will be available. Then I decided to try their blushes because Zoella from Youtube was really giving me high hopes on their blushes so I ordered a Blush by 3 in Lace 367, I was actually choosing between the Candy and the Lace but I don't want to buy both (which sometimes happen whenever I can't decide which one to choose) because I wanted to try it first before buying some more or else it will be just thrown on my drawer and will never be used and it will be a waste of money as well.

Lace has 2 matte blushes and 1 shimmery blush. Shades of these 3 are more on the Orangey- Coral side which really complements my olive skin tone. I already tried using the 3 blushes most of the time I use one of the matte blushes and top it of with the middle shimmery color. The blushes are intensely pigmented as described and they absolutely are. I use a light hand in applying it with my Real Techniques Blush brush and you can build it up according to your own preference. I absolutely think this will last me for ages.

So here's the Blush by 3 in Lace

Crochet  Guipure  Chantilly

Chantily was a very bright orange with peach tones
Guipure is a peachy coraly pink with gold shimmer
Crochet is a very coral more on the medium coral side

Then I also wanted to try their Individual Blushes so I bought one in Pixie Pink. I actually go for a safer side in deciding which individual blush to order. I also consider buying 1 with the same reason that I don't want to ended up wasting money. Pixie Pink is a very nice bright pink with a blue undertone in it. It's perfect for a nice flushed on your skin and it makes you look young and very girly. I can't explain how much I love this color and how lovely it is when applied on your cheeks.

Then I wanted to try their Pout Paint so I ordered one in the shade Milkshake I was hoping it's a natural nude color but when I received it I was a bit surprised. This is one of those colors that are nice in pictures and only in pictures. It's one of those Nicki Minaj colors that are so bright and just wearable in pictures unless you're one of those persons who love to wear bright barbie pink colors. The texture of this is nice very creamy and glossy. It doesn't stay on my lips for a very long time and can emphasize dry lips. I think the darker shades will be better than the lighter shades. I might try the red and fuchsia.

All in all, I'm happy with my first purchase of Sleek Make up and was looking forward in trying the candy blush, Au Naturel, Contour kit and some more of their individual blushes. I am really impressed with the pigmentation of the blushes. I understand now the hype of their blushes it's really really good. Considering the price it's really not bad for 3 blush in 1 is AED80 just a price of 1 MAC blush and even the individual blush for AED65 is not bad at all. I recommend to you guys the blush try it and you won't regret it!

It was a great buy after all and I'm eager to try more.

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