Saturday, June 22, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: MAC Face & Body Foundation

I had been trying and researching so many foundations this past few years and kept on looking for something new to try. I had been a fan of Laura Mercier, MAC, Make Up Forever and Neutrogena when it comes to foundation but i don't like all of their foundations I had few that I kept on grabbing and using. 

Since it’s summer... and usually during summer I often go for powder foundation or tinted moisturizer because I don’t want to feel greasy all through out the day given the fact that I’m living in Abu Dhabi where the temperature can go up to 55 degree Celsius can you imagine if your wearing layers of foundation? 
So I was visiting MAC last week to check what new products they have and I  saw this Face and Body foundation (which was so popular and was released for a very long time).  It claims to be a lightweight foundation, sheer application and water resistant. So I ask the the girl on the MAC counter to try it on my chin. However I’m wearing a full makeup that time and don't want to ruin everything but luckily I'm wearing MAC Studio Fix Fluid which perfectly match my skin tone. She match me with C3 which blends like the foundation I’m wearing, so that really helps a lot because I don’t want to spend money..again.. (which always happen to me) to buy the right shade for me because the one I bought was shade lighter or darker than me. Here in UAE they don’t have a good return or exchange policy when it comes to makeup products so if you bought the wrong one you’ll end up spending again buying the right one, just make sure on your next buy it’s the right one you pick. The price of this foundation is 159.00 DHS. 
The formula was a liquidy and runny not thick like your usual foundation. If you apply it on your face and start working it out the texture starts to thicken and give you more coverage. The best way they recommend is to apply it with your fingers to warm up the product before blending it out. I bought the small bottle which is the 50ml not the 120ml so it wouldn't be a waste if I don’t like it. 
So it’s been 2 weeks now and was wearing it for the whole 2 weeks in different ways. The first day I apply it the way I normally do with my tinted moisturizer which is moisturize my face and apply the foundation with my fingers then top it with a powder (Rimmel Stay Matte). It lasted the whole day seriously amazing! so I was impressed. The next day the usual again but I think I put less moisturizer that day so by 1 pm I grabbed a mirror and checked it and I saw dry patch under the eye area near my nose and on my chin. So the next day I moisturize well and after powdering I used F84 Sigma Brush (angled kabuki) to buff everything out and I don’t see patch by 1pm and it lasted for hours. Then the 4th day I used a strobe cream after my moisturizer then  the foundation, concealer, powder and buff it with F84 it's still fine. I continue the routine alternating the moisturizer and the strobe cream before applying the foundation. 
BTW my skin is combination to oily and so far no breakouts.
So far I’m impress with this product. It wasn't heavy at all. It gives you a very sheer coverage enough to even out your skin tone and dewy finish. It lasted the whole day, it stayed for 7hrs and after that I need to blot and powder my T zone but the rest of my face it holds up pretty well. The longest was 12 hrs because after office hours my husband and I went to have dinner outside. You can also see pictures below where I'd been sweating a lot when we went for a trip to Al Ain which that day the temperature was 43 degree celsius and the humidity is so high so I grab the chance to test the foundation. I’m happy with the coverage it gives. If you’re looking for a heavy coverage then this is not for you because you can build it up to medium and that’s it! If you have good skin and just wanted to even out your skin then this is for you. If you’re a fan of Tinted Moisturizer then try this one in comparison with my Laura Mercier Oil free tinted Moisturizer when it comes to coverage I can say that the Laura Mercier gives you more coverage than the Face and Body in just one layer of foundation.

after application no powder yet (1:30pm)

with a light application of make up (2:10 pm)

After sweating in a 43 degree celcius museum (6:41 pm)
as you can see my nose is oily but the rest of my face was still the same

Just before I took a shower at (12:12 am)
I blot my nose once when we arrived at the hotel for dinner around 9:00 pm
As you can see it's still the same except for my oily nose

Hope you find this guy helpful.

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