Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I finally got my hands on some brushes to try from Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman. I had been watching and loving Pixiwoo for a very long time and was so curious with their line of brushes. I'd been using Sigma brushes and Bobbi Brown for so long now and I'm so excited to try the Real Techniques.

They claim you'll be pixel perfect even in harsh light I don't about that yet, We'll see in a few months after using it. Their brushes are made from synthetic taklon bristles and hand-cut. When you brush it on your face you can feel the softness of the brush specially the blush brush and the powder brush. Their brushes comes in pink, yellow and purple colored that I'm so drawn because they're nice colors not the usual black and silver. It has aluminum handles that are so light and comfortable to hold. Pink are for finishing like blushers, bronzers, powder for everything you do for perfecting your look. Now the Yellow are for the base which are foundations, primer, moisturizer and concealer. The Purple are for eyes like eyeshadows, eyeliner, base eyeshadow, eyebrow and everything that will make your eye makeup perfect.

 I ordered it online from last Thursday 13th of June and received it through Shop and Ship by Aramex last tuesday 18th of June. It was pretty amazing how fast they shipped my orders, that's why when I want something I ordered it from There's a promotion going on for buy one get the second 50% off so I grab the opportunity and ordered the brushes. I ordered the Travel Essentials set, Starter Set, Shader Brush, Stippling Brush, Powder brush, Blush Brush and 2 Expert face brush.

I will be giving you my impression about the brushes in 2 parts. First the sets and for the next entry it will be the individual brushes. Let's start with the sets.

Here's the packaging of the Travel Essentials and how they look like when you opened it. It consist of
3 full size brushes and a black panoramic brush case this is a well thought of case because it can stand on it's own when you pull the string in the case. It cost USD17.99 in but I bought it for 9USD after the 50% off.

The brushes are 
Essential Foundation Brush (yellow handle)
Multi- Task Brush (pink handle)
Domed Shadow Brush (purple handle)

On this set I'm more excited about the Multi-task brush and the Domed shadow brush because they're so flexible when it comes to how you use it. The domed shadow brush I can say is too big for my crease so I think i'll use it for concealer application or for cream eye shadow base. For the multi-task brush is great for bronzer and blusher even powder it's very flexible you can see it on how it's shape and designed. I don't like the foundation brush that shape like that because I'm having a hard time when it comes to application I got streaky result when I use it but the texture is so soft that it might give you a better result.

(left-right : Essential Foundation Brush , Domed Shadow Brush , Multi-task Brush)

With the Starter Set it comes with 5 full size brushes most of them are for eyes and the panoramic black case. It cost USD 17.99 and bought it for the same price. It claims to have high definition application for your eye make up.

The Brushes are: (all with purple handles)
Deluxe crease brush
Base shadow brush
Accent Brush
Pixel point eyeliner brush
Brow brush

On this set I'm caught in all of them. When it comes to brushes I love to explore on eye shadow and foundation brushes so this set is very interesting for me specially the Accent brush because it's something unique and because its small its nice for putting eye shadow near your bottom lashes smudging eyeliner or a highlighter on the tear duct area. Going on with the other brushes on this kit, the Deluxe Crease brush is like a feel of the E25 from Sigma one of my favorite brushes so I'm pretty excited to use that as well however it feels a little bit stiffer than the Sigma one. The Base Shadow brush is a very flexible one for me you can use it on application of your eye shadow in every way you want it's good if you want a more heavy application on your lids because it can pack up colors so well. Also I noticed that the Pixel Point Eyeliner brush was kind of bigger than other eyeliner brushes which I think will be difficult to use when your doing a fine line on the inner corners of your eyes. With the Brow brush i can't think of anywhere to use this brush than on your brow I was hoping I can use it as a liner brush but I think it's thicker to use it as a liner brush. On the brighter side, this is perfect for me because I love thick bold eyebrows. The advantage of this brushes I think is since it's synthetic it's easier to clean when you use it with products like cream base eye shadows compared to using a natural hair brushes.

(left - right: Base shadow brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, Accent brush, 
Pixel point eyeliner Brush,  Brow brush)
 On the black panoramic case

Hope you guys enjoy this. I can say you must try buying this kits because it's so great and soft. Downside of this is you can't buy this individually so if you want another Multi-task brush then you have to buy the whole travel essential kit. However it's still way cheaper than the other brushes so you have to consider that as well. If you're someone who wants to buy cheaper alternative for makeup brushes that works good as well then give this brushes a try.

For some individual brushes that I bought from Real Technique I will be posting that soon so watch out for that, follow my blog if you wanna see it.

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