Thursday, November 19, 2015


Just before I jump into Christmas season I wanna share our trip to Hong Kong last December 2014 just before Christmas. 

We planned to visit my father last October for my birthday however due to some work stuff we decided to move the trip to December since we are already scheduled to travel to Philippines and just squeeze in the Hong Kong trip so I booked our flights and hotel after my husband agreed with the plan.

We stayed in the Philippines for 10 days and spent 4 days in Hong Kong. The temperature in UAE just before we leave was going down like 15 degree and when we arrived in Manila it was like 30 degrees. I knew by the sudden change of temperature that I will be sick and just before our flight to Hong Kong I was really ill like my nose are clogged and I am coughing. During our flight I was in pain because I can't hear anything and the pain in my head was just tormenting. Flying with colds was not a very good idea and I've learned my lesson the hardest way. I don't want to cancel our trip and my father was already expecting us. 

First thing we do after we reached our hotel is drink a bottle of water and grab some medicines and rest for few hours and forget about me being sick and just continue with our itineraries. Of course I will never leave Hong Kong without eating on my favorite fastfood chain the Cafe de Coral which is just 3 mins walk from our hotel (Lucky me). Then, of course Mongkok to shop. 

Second day was my sister's arrival so we planned on meeting her and walk around Kawloon where we used to live and did I already mentioned that I was so sick during that day but nothing can stop us specially when my sister is around.

Third day was Ocean Park day and dinner with on of my besties who live and work in Hong Kong too.

 and dinner with on of my besties who live and work in Hong Kong too.

Last day was just malling and buying stuff plus search for my husband's favorite egg tart meaning walking for 30 mins using waze a very useful app when you're lost. 

Though I am sick the trip was still fun and being back to Hong Kong feels like childhood days most specially walking through those streets where we used to walk and eating foods when I use to sneak out from my grandmother and being there with my sister and father like before, who cares if I'm sick.

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