Thursday, December 12, 2013


It's time for the monthly favorites. I'm loving the weather right now here in the UAE, chilly in the morning and in the evening.. feels like Christmas is so..sooo...near! but before I get more excited with the Christmas let me just show you guys what I had been loving this past November.

Beauty Favorites 

1. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation - I bought this foundation in Sephora a month ago and I had been using it everyday since then because I love how it gives my skin a glow specially when my skin looks so very very very tired. It's a very natural looking foundation almost like a perfect second skin. However this foundation is a bit sheer so you need to cover some spots with concealers if you have some to cover up.

2. MAC Lipstick in Creme cup - I have avoided and ignored this lipstick for so long because it was a bit brighter and lighter for my skin tone so I know it won't suit me. So when I went to MAC and give this lipstick a try surprisingly it complements my skin tone and even gives my look a hint of glow. So I'm using this lipstick everyday and I feel like sometimes it's easier to wear a lipstick on cooler months that gives your skin a icy cool look but some days when I want to be daring I a opt for darker lips.

3. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish - Since I had been using the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation I changed to my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish that's a hair darker than my skin so my skin will still look warmer instead of being pale. And I almost forget how much I love this product since I switched to MAC Careblend. But this Mineralized Skin Finish and the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua together is awesome.Gives you a very natural healthy skin.

4. Bareminerals Eye shadow Quad in The Truth - I remember last year at this time of the year I also been using this a lot. It's more of like a wintery make up because it's darker like how I wear my eye makeup during cooler months. This make up is one of my go to eye shadow palette because the shades are very neutral and flexible. Sometimes for a quick makeup I just put a  bronze color base and use any brown on this palette all over my lids and along my lash line then few coats of mascara and that's it. If you haven't tried this palette you should because it's worth every penny and the pigmentation and texture is insane.

5. Elf Blush in Berry Merry - Yup I'm going for a more darker shades of pink now because it's nice to wear darker blushes too on the winter to get off the pale look. I often grab Gingerly from MAC or a darker pink but right now this Berry Merry is what I had been reaching a lot. Plus it has a blue undertone that glows on your skin and gives you a cooler look.. that's what I think.

6. Essie Nail polish in Hot Choco - Shades of brown again. I bought this nail polish a long time ago and haven't tried it yet. So when I was picking up a color on my drawer for nail polishes I realized that I haven't used it so I picked it and give it a try and it was like an escape for my Glamour Purse, so lovely. I think I should try Red and Pink soon.

7. Lancome Miracle Perfume - This is one of my seldom used perfume because I like it only on winter because I feel like this scent was a bit heavy specially if you applied too much. So I limit my spray to at least 4-6 sprays or else I'll change my clothes. My technique to avoid over spraying heavy scent perfume, I transfer some on my Travelo so I will be reminded that I need to apply less than the usual.

Non Beauty Favorites

1. Bath and Body Works Candle in Tis the Season - How I had been loving Christmas Scents is insane! I like a scent of spicy and warm on the house. It gives me comfort and reminds me of my family back home. I love this scent seriously it wasn't like those candles that when you burn it, it will take time for you to smell the scent it produce...this one once you lit it you will smell it after few seconds which I think will keep the candle for burning faster.

2. Hunger Games Trilogy - Yes I just finished the books and yes just now because I don't know why the Hunger Games movie, the first one, was not very appealing to me. But when I watched the Catching fire I'm convinced that I have to read the book so I did... and I'm glad I did. I'm now looking forward for the Mocking Jay movie.

3. Star Dance Album by Selena Gomez - I had been listening to this whenever I want to start my day in a cheerful mood because the beat and the music gives you a nice energy that will absolutely make you wanna dance. My husband whenever he sits with me on the car or I will drive him somewhere once I turn on my sound he will say "Selena again??"..that's how much I love her album plus it's very catchy and easy to follow.

So that's what I had been loving this month and I will be posting a review on the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation soon and some haul I did last week.

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