Thursday, February 13, 2014


I discovered a new skin care solution that helps me control breakout. 

It's is the Foreo Luna mini.

After stopping my meds to regulate my hormones my skin was acting so bad and ridiculous! this is one effect of having an imbalance hormones so I need to seriously deep clean my face all the time and take good care of it, however some days it doesn't really help. So I decided to purchase and try the new Foreo Luna mini. You can purchase it online through their website and they will ship it to you through DHL because they offer worldwide shipment.

This was a little bit pricey but worth it. It cost USD 139. I was planning to buy the Foreo Luna but I wanted to try it first so I just went ahead and bought the Luna mini because it's cheaper and if in any case it won't work for me then at least I save some than buying the Luna for USD 199.

So, how does it works? 
Foreo Luna has a T-sonic pulsation (transdermal sonic pulsation) that helps you clean your skin deeply and gently. It helps you clean your pores from impurities to reduce the cause of breakout. This will actually makes your skin glow and you will see the result in just 3 days. It is also made with non abrasive touch points that are coated with silicone. So instead of brushes that maybe to abrasive for some skin like mine so this is a great alternative and much hygienic because it will not be having a bacteria built up on the bristles like the usual facial brushes.

How do you use it? 
I use it twice a day morning and evening as advised but if  using it twice was so harsh for your skin then use it only at night as you need to clean your face deeply by the end of the day to remove dirt and make up residue still clinging on your skin. What I do, I wash my face and as you apply your cleanser turn the Foreo on by switching the button according to your own preference (first click was the high and once you click it again it will be at low) and use the Foreo to rub the cleanser to your skin but wet the Foreo first so it will glide on smoothly. So once your foreo is running you will feel like it pauses meaning you have to switch to the other side of your face. After a minute you will feel that it will pause 3 times meaning you can stop but it will still continue to run and after 3 minutes it will stop automatically. Sometimes I exceed the minute because sometimes I feel like I need more. but most of the time specially in the morning I use it for a minute only.

This is an amazing product. It's true that after 3 days you will see the result. At first I don't believe that but you will see that your pores id minimizing and your skin is glowing. At first few days I used the high setting but I switched to the low because I feel like my ski is burning after swiping some toner on my face. But everything was okay after switching to low. I can't live without this now specially with all my here and there hormonal breakouts. 

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