Sunday, February 16, 2014


Winter time means bath time!

There's few items I got from Lush one thing because I love the spicy scents of Lush products during winter but the rest of the year no.

So I make it a point to enjoy it during this season. My husband also loves Lush bath products and he loves soaking in the tub and relax during weekend so it's nice that we're enjoying the same thing.

First thing I picked was the Christmas Penguin Bubble bar - Shaped like a cute little penguin. It smells like an icy fresh scent more into like a man scent that's why my husband really likes it. Some of the ingredient of this bar is citrus and the Sicilian Lemon oil  which honestly you can't smell the Lemon or the citrus ingredients in this bar.

The Comforter Bubble Bar- This items smells like a lovely sweet berry smell but not over the top sweet. The water was really nice to dip in because it's pink and produced a lot of bubbles. The feature ingredient of this product is the Black currant that gives a lot of lovely scent to it. If you want to try Lush and you're new to Lush products and don't know what to choose, try this and I'm highly recommending it.

Next is Cinders. This is one of my favorite Bath bombs. One thing I look for a Lush bath bombs is the smell of Cinnamon and Vanilla and once I smell it on a product I'm sold! This cinders contains Cinnamon and Orange which is like happiness to me. I really love this product and if you're into cinnamon scents this is the one to try. 

Another spicy scent is Bombardino. This smells like Christmas with a hint of Vanilla and Cocoa butter you will smell so delicious after this maybe a bit too strong from some but I love how this stays and clings on your skin for a long time and leave your skin feeling so smooth and soft and leaves the bathroom smelling so good too. 

Last bath bombs I purchased was Phoenix rising Bath bomb. It has cinnamon scents that's why I bought it and the feature ingredient of this is Jojoba oil which really moisturize your skin. Like Bombardino it clings to your skin for a long time. Though it's a bit messy to clean afterwards because of the glitters and the purple color it gives. Though for sure this will make you relax and think of happy thoughts.

I also bought a Porridge Soap because it smells like breakfast and very warming. So I wanted to give it a shot and it's also for sensitive skin. It contains bits of oats to gently exfoliate your skin, I'm just hoping that the bits are tinier so you can really exfoliate your skin well. Compared to the other lush soaps this doesn't dry my skin nonetheless I love the smell.

Last purchase was the Cupcake fresh face mask. Who will never want to take this home after smelling it. Smells like mint chocolate chip because of the vanilla, cocoa and mint ingredients of this mask that is created for oily skin and suits teenage skin. It claims that it removes excess oil and calms breakdown. So I have high hope for this one. Aside from having massive reviews online I'm still hoping this will work with my skin issues.

What's your favorite Lush products? 

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