Saturday, December 28, 2013


I snooped around the mall today to grabbed some stuff that I needed and saw some other interesting items on the boots and Body shop.

I first went to the Body Shop to get another Body butter because I'm using the body butter like crazy since cooler months means drier skin so moisturizing is a must on winter. Surprisingly I saw that my favorite Japanese Blossoms has returned and I'm literally happy, and I can't explain how happy I am to see it back on the Body shop.I purchased 2 just to make sure and will be returning back soon to buy more. I also noticed that they changed the packaging to white and pink because before it was pink and black I'm 100% sure that you will be seeing this on my monthly favorites.

I also purchased a good moisturizing Hand Cream from Body Shop and it's called Almond Hand & Nail Cream. This smell so good and so pleasant I'm actually not a big fan of hand cream but during winter it's a must for me to have a hand cream in my purse all the time. I was just hoping that they have a smaller tube for this hand cream so it wont be as heavy as this one and it will be easier to fit in your smaller purse.

Then I need to buy my favorite Victoria secret scent the Amber Rush. I love it specially when I'm at home or just feeling lazy and need a warmth smell on my body. This scent never runs out on my collection it's a staple scent for me if I saw that I'm running low on it I make sure that I will buy another before I emptied it.

Then I went to Boots to buy a Dry Shampoo and right now I'm loving the Batiste Dry Shampoo for dark and deep brown hair to keep my hair smells lovely and remove some greasiness on the scalp specially at the end of the day. Though I find that this stain my white pillows so maybe after the 2 bottles that I bought I will be switching to the regular ones.

Then I went to the Barry M section to see if they have the Gelly nail paint and they have it finally!!! So I took the chance of grabbing Blueberry which is a pastle blue but more on the brighter ones and a Pomegranate which is a pinkish red and very nice for this season and I might grab some more colors because this is seriously nice and thick and last a week without chipping considering that my most nail polishes doesn't last on my nails that long. 

And since I'm in the cosmetic section I grabbed the opportunity to see the new lashes from Buorjois and ended up getting a dramatic one than the natural one because I found a Kiss Natural lashes more attractive than the Buorjois Natural so I also buy one.

After Boots my last stop was the Lifestyle to check the NYX lipglosses because I'm a huge fan and I had been waiting for the Beige to arrive that's why I keep on checking the NYX when I got a chance. And to my surprise it was available and without a doubt I get one and 2 more lipglosses which is a Tea Rose and Nude Pink. 

This last purchase was something that I had been wanting to buy but end up skipping it, It's the Revlon Kissable Lip Balm in Honey maybe the reason why I kept my hands off this product is because of the smell. It's like a leafy mint and I'm not a fan of that smell but the color was lovely and so wearable for everyday but because of the color pay off I just took the risk of finally buying it.

That's it guys! Have a wonderful day keep warm and happy!

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