Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Resort Palette Limited Edition

I had been wanting this product since Sigma released it last Spring but I was so busy with my wedding so I don't have time to see reviews about it or at least order it from Sigma online. So when I received an email from Sigma for their last call with this palette that's the time when I remember about this product so I did some research and read some reviews. So when I'm finally decided, I ordered it through a local Sigma retailer here in UAE called Laylam because she had it on hand. So I ordered it last Sunday, July 07 and received it the next day. The delivery was superb can't say anything about that, however the amazing packaging of the Sigma with flowers and instruction guide are missing. I just received the palette itself which made me so disappointed because for me if you paid for something you really like of course you wanted to receive it as how it was supposed to be not just the actual palette. So maybe next time I will just buy through Sigma Beauty online.

Now with the product...

I love the Sigma's Paris Palette so I was looking forward to this palette. The packaging is just the same texture as the Paris palette with the matte lamination feel on it not a plastic but a hard cardboard. It's sleeker than the Paris Palette and the Defining Eyes palette which I think will be easier to travel with compared to the  other palette that I mentioned.

 It comes with 8 eye shadows, a highlighter , a blush and a double ended eyeliner. With it's name expect that the colors will not be your regular neutral palette , it comes with a very spring and summer colors like blue, greens, corals and purples. It was described as rich warm tones complements vibrant ocean-like hues and it actually is. Once you open the palette I really feel that it was so Caribbean, mojito, fruits, palm tress and ocean. It's like a vacation! looking at this palette it just made me happy and really wanted to go to the beach.  I'm a neutral palette girl so these colors are so new to me but I said why not. Sometimes you have to try things outside your comfort zone, Glad I did! When it comes to pigmentation all of these colors are very pigmented, creamy texture and easy to blend with.

The shades are:
MUSE - charcoal grey with flex of silver shimmer
FAWN - shimmery silver champagne
LUNA- light champagne color with gold shimmer
TOPAZ - is a warm coppery brown
PAPAYA - is soft coral with gold shimmer
MOONBEAM - lilac with pink almost duo chrome color
NEELA - very bright teal blue with silver shimmer
MIDORI - is a spring green with gold and silver shimmer

On all those shades my least favorite is Muse and Fawn but I do like them as well.
My top is the Papaya, Moonbeam and Midori  Neela.

Included in this palette is a peachy-coral matte blusher that complements the colors on the palette and the theme because if it will be pink I might skip using it. I love sigma blusher in the Paris palette and they continue the same quality on this palette so that's a point for me.

The Duo-ended eyeliner is a nice touch to the palette as well with the bright blue eyeliner called Daydream on the other end and a chocolatey brown on the other end called Earth Goddess. I think I can wear this Daydream alone and a mascara just a pop of color to your look.

The highlighter was a winner for me, I love highlighter because it really makes a difference to your makeup look. Its color which is like a bronzey-pink is so great to complete this palette.

I can say that Sigma did a great job in creating this palette. I love everything in this palette and really complements each other. Good for travelling, very sleek and wearable for Spring and Summer. If you wanna see different looks Sigma created using this palette it's here.

If you wanna get your hands on this while supplies last... order it from Sigma Beauty they retail it for
USD 42.00

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