Sunday, July 7, 2013

25 Random facts about me

1. I learn to eat veggies when I was 23 years old, about almost 5 years ago.

2. I can't eat salad if I'm the one who made it.

3. I'd been a coffee addict, drinking 12 cups of coffee a day but when I got sick i stopped.

4. I had been collecting Starbucks planner since 2007

5. I still watch Disney princesses until now.
6. I am forced to learn how to drive but my husband bought me a car so I need to pass all the exams and get a license.

7. I can eat 6 bars of Snickers while watching movie (a bad bad habit)

8. If I'm sad and lonely I go to a coffee shop or on the beach and read book.
9. I can't go outside the house without filling my eyebrows because it's so sparse.

10. I can gain weight in 3 days if you let me eat rice 3x a day.

11. I don't know any sports nor learn to play any.

12. I can get drunk in a bottle of beer. That's why I stopped.

13. My phone is always on silent mode unless I'm waiting for a very important call.

14. I don't like reading Manual. I will explore the thing than read a manual.

15. My dream place for a vacation is Caribbean and Maldives.
16. Whenever I find a nice pants I buy the same in every colors.

17. I don't like neon

16. I never learned how to play instruments even if my mom forced me when I was a child.

17. I used to do modelling when I was in college.

18. I can't cook the Filipino most popular dish called "Adobo".

19. I still think that Backstreet boys is better than N'sync.

20. If I want something I can't sleep without buying it.

21. I learn to bake when I was 12 years old.

22. I'm lazy ins styling my hair.

23.I love banana and potatoes in every possible way of cooking it.

24. I hate the smell of cucumber it makes me throw up.

25. I always dreamt of having a grey eyes but I can't stay a minute wearing contacts.

I had been liking to post a random facts about me for a long time because it's fun (i think) so I did this tag. I saw tons of this in youtube and in blogs and when I saw this on Zoella I decided I have to do this. So here it is!

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