Sunday, April 20, 2014


(Riri Woo, All fired up , Speak Louder ,Fanfare)

I don't know why I am liking a bright lips right now usually I go for a more natural nude lips but I think bright  lips is my go to lippies right now except when I go to work but weekend or if I'm having a dinner or hanging out with friends I wore bright lips.

So I went to MAC or my sister hunt it for me since she's privilege on going everywhere in the world I ask her to hunt the Riri Woo and the All fired up lipstick for me.

I kept on avoiding the Riri Woo lipstick because for me it's just like the Ruby woo which is on the permanent line but when MAC release the Holiday collection I was sold because of the packaging who would never love a rose gold and white packaging? Since the Holiday collection was release in the UAE I think last February or End of January and they didn't include the lipstick which I think is a big disappointment for those people who are waiting for the collection and I'm one of them. I really wanted the pleasure bomb and no matter what I do my sister don't want to give it to me because she likes it too. That's the reason why I bought the next color which I think closely looks like the Pleasure Bomb.

The next item that I asked my sister to hunt for me and I think she found it in Australia was the All fired up and it was from the Retro Matte Collection. It's a bright fuchsia and really really lovely on my skin tone if only I can wear it at work I will but I don't want my boss distracted because of my bright lips.This is one of my favorite bright lips plus it's matte and I love matte.

I also bought ( me going to MAC store) 2 lipstick because that time I'm so stressed and I need something to make me happy so I went to MAC and look for something and I saw this color called Speak Louder and I like it so I was swatching it with few more lipsticks but it really speaks to me to get him so I ended up getting it. It's a Cremesheen and describe as a clean poppy blue pink and was just lovely and perfect for Spring.I really love the finish of Cremesheen and how they glide smoothly on your lips and I think you heard me mention it a lot now so I'll stop and jump in to my last purchase.

The last lipstick that I got was actually my husbands choice was the Fanfare. He also prefer nude natural lips on me and just ignore it when I use bright lips. This is also a Cremesheen finish because I love it. It's describe as a mid-tone yellow pink but for me it falls on a very light pinky coral shade. Most of the time now this is what I use in the office and it never leaves my bag. It makes my lips look so natural but better. This I think will fall on my most used lipsticks.

That's all I bought from MAC and I also have a few collections from MAC coming up so make sure you visit my blog.

Have a great day! 

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