Monday, March 31, 2014


It's been a long time that I hadn't blog about my monthly favorites and that's because I'm dealing with some personal issues and been focusing on that more but I will try my very best to post blogs again. 

For now.. let's see the things that I had been loving for the whole month of March.

Laura Mercier was available now in Abu Dhabi and I'm over the moon excited when I saw their counter in the House of Fraser in World Trade Center Mall. I was dying to try the Silk Creme foundation as I have to cover a lot of breakout this month because of my hormonal imbalance. This is a very good full cover foundation and really gives you a luminous skin. I can say if you have a very oily skin you need a very good primer for this and also if you are living in a very humid place you have to skip this because it tends to slip on your skin after 5 hours if you have oily skin.

Along with the foundation I also grab the Translucent Powder. I was going to buy the Brightening powder but when the lady on the counter told me to try the translucent powder and she tried it on me I was sold. It wasn't like the usual translucent powder that you can see everywhere that is white, it's more of like a beige-y color that actually for me looks more translucent than the white because this doesn't give you that white cast on your skin. That's why when she applied it on my face I was sold. Best translucent powder ever!

As I've said awhile ago, I had been battling with breakouts so a good concealer is a must to cover those breakouts. I had been switching between this concealer and the Make up Forever full cover that I purchased last December. But I felt like this covers my blemishes more specially when it's on the stage where it started to dry and the skin is darker which is very hard to cover. This really covers it so well more than anything else.

I got few samples of this facial cleanser when I went to purchase fresh face mask. I was in a hunt for a good facial cleanser and after using it for a week I'm hundred percent sure of buying the regular size because it's so nice and my skin doesn't have a bad reaction to it and I think my skin likes it. My rashes and redness on my skin had stop after using this it was incredible. I just hope that this expires longer than it should. Because it's fresh it expires after 4 months so you have to consume it in 4 months which you can but if it was available on the store since January and you have to purchase one and it's already march so you have to spend a month trying to consume it or else it will be a waste which I'm trying to do now.

I had been using the Cupcake fresh mask before I discover the Cosmetic Warrior and since this is good for oily skin and troubled skin I tried it and now I'm on my second tub. For some people they may not like it specially if you don't like the smell of it but for me I like it because it doesn't smell like garlic it smells more like a tea tree. This calms my skin specially on days where they just decided to appear on my skin and on days when I stayed up late. I love this and I will continue to use it.

This lipstick was in my purse for almost 2 months now and I had been wearing it almost everyday. I don't know why I'm loving it but every time I use it I felt more "alive" shall we say or my face looks more alive than me. It's a fuschia toned color that you can apply light or heavy as you like or whatever you feel that day. I just love the texture the color and the feel on my lips.

This is somehow works on my skin well. It helps my skin control the breakouts on areas that are breaking out a lot unless I stayed up late the night before. I noticed that I breakout a lot whenever I stayed late I don't know why. I use this as a moisturizer but it's not enough on areas that are normal because I have a oily combination skin so I need another moisturizer on areas that are normal or else it will be dry and flaky.

I had been using this cleansing gel as a replacement for my old Seba cleansing bar of course because of breakouts again. And since I had been using the Effaclar Duo and fell in love with it I thought I had to give the Cleansing Gel a try. It's amazing and I use it in the morning and evening and also helps my skin to calm down as well. It's gentle and after you wash your face with it your skin feels smooth and clean.

I decided to switch to a Spot treatment that targets breakout because the Benoxyl peroxide really dries my skin out so I went to Clinique and tried the Spot treatment. This really helps but doesn't do it's magic overnight it will take days to see the results which is fine than burning your skin with harsh chemical.

Till the next monthly favorites! Have a great day!

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