Friday, August 2, 2013


Another month has passed meaning it's time for my monthly favorites!!!
I had been exploring "a lot" this month when it comes to my make up collection. Maybe because I have a lot of time to sit down and do my makeup everyday rather than the usual where I kept an everyday look for like 3 months and the only thing will change is my lipstick. So this month the digging was fun and I rediscovered some products that I love.

I had been in love with this product for a very long time, I think this is one of those first few products I purchased from MAC. Since on my previous blogs I told you that I had been so obsessed in searching for a replacement for my favorite eyebrow pencil which is Define a brow from Maybelline and still not finding the something to replace it luckily during my digging I found this and I was so glad I did. So for now I have a good replacement for my Define a brow. Downside of this product is it's price, I consume eyebrow pencils so fast...meaning I have to repurchased high end eyebrow pencil until I find a more reliable brand with a reliable price that even if I consume 1 or 2 every month it will not hurt my wallet.
Continuing with the digging. This is also one of the first 2 eye shadows I purchased from MAC. The other one was the Print which my sister borrowed from me for a few months and because she likes it so much I ended up giving it to her. Naked Lunch was one of the MAC's best seller eye shadows and it's because it's an easy wear like literally you can swept it all over your lid and just put tons of mascara and you're good to go. It's just do nice. For me it's a peachy pink frost color but on MAC they described it as a Minimal pink with shimmer. Seriously guys you have to try this product.

For the new products I had been trying this month was this concealer and I liked it. I purchased this last month just because the lady in the Maybelline counter was just so nice and she made me buy this and it was a good buy I can say. It's like the MAC Moisture Cover concealer when it comes to texture but for me I think it's a bit creamier than the moisture cover because I can get more coverage with this product than the Moisture cover and sometimes I just use this whenever I have a good skin day or I need to do some errands after working out on the gym.

I had been so eager to try Real Techniques brushes for a long time and this was one of those brushes that I really wanted to try on that line. All I can say is that.. this is amazing! Real techniques brushes are amazing and softest brushes ever! This particular brush I use it everyday and this was like my favorite brush now for concealer application It gives even application compared to my Sigma P86 brush.


This is my go to Nail polish for this month. I just love the fresh color that it gives and I did blog about this if you want to see application and details about this nail polish click here. It just makes me feel happy whenever I wear this. I was sick and in bed a week ago and I was feeling so ill and just wanted to do something for myself and I just painted my nails with this color and it just made me feel so happy even if I can't swallow food and talk at that time and all I can do is cry. Sometimes a very small thing can make you're day better.

Since I had been trying out different makeup looks for this month I always pair it with this lipstick and I can't explain why, I just love the pink tone in it. It's like so soft and there is something in pink that I love this month. Usually I love nude peach color but now I kept on grabbing nude pink lipsticks and this is one of them. This was also my recent buy from Revlon and I'm liking Revlon lipsticks more because of the few good buys I had with them recently. Way to go Revlon!

This Lipstick is my go to dark lipstick for this month like if I have minimal make up and all I can do is rock a lip, this is the one I go for. I'm enjoying plums since I discovered it from a Youtuber, Sammi or Beautycrush. I'm often on the safe side colors like nude, pink, and reds but now I had been trying corals, orange and plums which is great for me... I think... because I'm discovering more products and colors that I normally won't go for and will be surprised that this or that color fits me well, so it was fun trying things outside your usual stuff.

This product is also included on my Summer favorites. I just love this product so much and i will kept on repurchasing this product till Body Shop discontinue it like my Japanese Cherry Blossoms Body Butter. The smell is so yummy and it just suit summer so well. My husband also likes the smell of this and actually he's the one who chose this scent because I was so stubborn to chose a scent after knowing that they don't have my Japanese Cherry Blossoms anymore.

I had been drinking a lot of teas for the past 2 months and because I was trying to lessen my coffee intake I had been trying to enjoy more of the teas and so far I haven't drank tea for 3 weeks now which is so great for me and I give myself a pat on the shoulder for that. The Peach mango and the Blue fruits was my favorite of all because it just smell so good and I feel like I'm drinking a juice more than a tea. I never even though I will be enjoying tea this much because I never loved tea aside from the sweet tea which is a tea as well and it doesn't make any sense now. Well, what I'm saying is I don't like the hot teas :)

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